Capcom fixing Rashid bug, JP bug before Street Fighter 6 hits Evo

Rashid SF6

This year is going to see the biggest Street Fighter tournament in the franchise’s long history, but Capcom is having to scramble to fix Rashid and JP bugs before it gets underway.

With giant fighting game tournament Evo right around the corner, a devastating Rashid bug and another issue involving JP have forced Capcom to deploy emergency maintenance to attempt a fix.

Is the Rashid bug fixed in SF6?

A Rashid bug immediately took the SF6 world by fire after it was discovered by the game’s players. Capcom has already deployed a fix for the bug, and it appears to be fixed, though players are still probing at the new character to find other issues.

Rashid is the first DLC character in Street Fighter 6, releasing on July 24, 2023. His release became somewhat controversial when developer Capcom confirmed that despite his newness, Rashid would be a legal selection for players competing at Evo 2023.

Rashid coming to Evo 2023

Evo 2023 is set to be the biggest fighting game tournament in history, with Street Fighter 6 being the biggest single fighting game competition ever. The event begins on August 3, barely more than a week after the DLC debut of Rashid. This has left players with precious little time to experiment with the character and to find potential bugs.

One such bug allowed Rashid to endlessly move forward and maintain his second super art technique. This was especially impactful when opposing players were in burnout, a state in which they take chip damage from many moves. The super art’s continued presence would chip out any character in burnout all the way to zero, no matter how much health they had when the move was first executed.


This wasn’t even the only bug presented by the Rashid update for SF6. Another involved the villainous JP, who was able to actively move on the screen after trigger his command grab technique. This ability moves forward towards the opponent, and is supposed to keep JP stationary while it does. Allowing JP to move during his command grab could be a significant advantage if the bug were not fixed.

Players competing at Evo will hope that this and the Rashid bug are now fully resolved, and that no other issues pop up between now and the tournament’s beginning.

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