Who’s playing in PogChamps 5? Tyler1, xQc, QTCinderella, more

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Some of the world’s biggest streamers are getting ready to clash in PogChamps5. But who exactly will be the player participants in PogChamps 5?

Fans of the event certainly won’t be disappointed by the lineup. It’s star-studded with some of the biggest streamers on Twitch and elsewhere.

All players participating in PogChamps 5

The list of players participating in PogChamps 5 is a long one, and it’s headlined by some huge names. The biggest of all might be Felix “xQc” Lengyel. The former Overwatch pro player has long been seen trying to work his magic in chess, even being trained by Hikaru Nakamura, one of the world’s top chess players.

That training hasn’t always gone to form, but xQc will surely be itching to show up and show off in the latest edition of PogChamps. Particularly when he’s faced with such competitors as Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp, the popular League of Legends personality who might be the one player capable of matching, or even exceeding, xQc’s chaotic energy.


Streamer QTCinderella, the mind behind the annual Streamer Awards event, will also be taking a shot at the new PogChamps competition and its $100,000 prize. She may not be quite as wild as xQc or Tyler1, but she can surely hold her own against theirs or anyone else’s personalities.

PogChamps 5 lineup

The remainder of the PogChamps 5 lineup is lined with participants who are sure to give fans a good show. Popular YouTubers Sykkuno and Jarvis Johnson will be among the list of 16 players. Those players will be battling it out in a group stage format, with top players from that first stage advancing to a decisive knockout round.

What’s more, this edition of the event will see the PogChamps 5 participants competing live and in-person for the first time. This all but guarantees some fireworks, as there’s no getting together names like Tyler1 and xQc without things getting a little wild.

The entire event will be broadcast live on the channel of popular streamer Ludwig Ahgren.

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