Counter-Strike 2 introduces CS Rating, here’s what it’s all about

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Counter-Strike 2 is bringing big changes to the way players interact with and experience the game, including a brand new feature called the CS Rating system. 

This CS Rating system is aiming to overhaul how player ratings work in the new game. The new rating system will provide better insight into its players and help them to improve their performance overall and on individual maps. In competitive Counter-Strike, map knowledge is extremely important and players knowing where they are lacking should help them to consistently improve.  

This new Counter-Strike 2 feature lets players better measure their performance compared to their competition. 

What is CS Rating?

CS Rating is based on a player’s overall performance in CS2 matches. The CS Rating will also place players in both regional and world rankings on the leaderboards. 

The Counter-Strike 2 leaderboard shows the best players from each region in the game. There is also a global leaderboard that combines the best players across all regions. Valve’s latest competitive shooter comes with seven different leaderboards: Friends, World, Africa, Asia, Australia, China, Europe, North America, and South America. 

Players playing the Premier mode with Prime Status Active will be eligible for the Counter-Strike 2 leaderboard via their CS Rating. Players meeting the criteria can submit their names for the leaderboard. The most frequented server for each player determines the specific leaderboard region players are eligible for. 

Counter-Strike 2 competitive changes

Developer valve is bringing competitive changes to Counter-Strike 2, especially regarding how long matches will be. The rounds per match are now shortened from 15 per half to only 12. 

Each half in the match will now have 12 rounds with an overall maximum of 24 rounds in regulation time. There will be a 6-round overtime in the case of a tie. The overtime period will repeat until there is a winner determined. 

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These competitive changes are coming in Counter-Strike 2 and will also apply to CS Majors in the future. Valve aims to make competitive matches shorter, more decisive, and more exciting for the game’s players and viewers alike. 

Valve is inviting qualified players to the CS2 Limited Test. Players looking to try the new changes need to have CSGO Prime Status and an active Competitive Skill Group. Players will also need to play most of their official matchmaking games in their specified region to qualify for the Limited Test. 

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