These 3 big questions have some fans worried about CS2

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With the release of Counter-Strike 2 continuing to approach, fans of the legendary series are gearing up to play its latest edition. But there are a few big CS2 questions that are still worrying some.

The announcement of Counter-Strike 2’s development sent waves through the gaming world. Initially, the feelings were all of excitement. But over time, three key questions have come through.

Will CS2 have higher minimum system requirements?

Unfortunately for some Counter-Strike fans, CS2 will indeed have higher minimum system requirements than any previous Counter-Strike game. This could leave some players unable to play CS2 when it releases.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the most recent release in the franchise to date, is relatively lax on players. It still works with Windows XP, requires only 2GB of RAM, and a graphics card with 256MB and DirectX 9 compatibility.

By contrast, Counter-Strike 2 will require that users have Windows 10, double the amount of RAM at 4GB, and much more recent graphics cards, such as the GeForce GTX 650 or the Radeon HD 7750.


These requirements won’t be overly difficult for most players. But some players relying on older PCs may be at a loss when CS2 releases.

Will there be different hitboxes in CS2?

Hitboxes are hugely important in Counter-Strike, as they define where the player must aim and fire in order to take down an opponent. CS2 will have different hitboxes compared to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. But it’s not necessarily a bad change.

Hitboxes in CS2 will actually be easier to strike. In particular, the area of the player model that allows for a headshot is being increased by about 20%. That means landing the most difficult and impactful shots in the game will be much easier in CS2 than in CSGO.

Will CS2’s improved graphics affect its gameplay?

This is a tough question to answer. Any time a game’s engine is changed or updated, it’s guaranteed that there will be some gameplay affect. But the extent to which CS2’s improved graphics could affect the game’s feel is not yet known.

Improved graphics are almost always welcome in gaming. But when improved graphics can make the game harder to play, it may not be quite so welcome.

Many CSGO players will actually lessen the graphical fidelity of the game on purpose because they think it makes the game easier for them to play, whether it’s because it makes player models better stand out from surrounding environments, or because it can potentially improve the game’s frame rate.

Regardless of the reasons why, it’s a sure bet that some players will again experiment with different visual settings to find the best playing situation when CS2 releases, whether it makes the game look better or worse.

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Written by Jared Wynne

Jared Wynne has been covering gaming and esports for the past two decades. He's a former competitor in Counter-Strike, and still counts it among his favorite games along with RPGs like Baldur's Gate and Mass Effect. He studied journalism at the University of Texas at Austin, has been published at such outlets as The Daily Dot and The Esports Observer, and is the former Editor-in-Chief at You can find him on Twitter / X at @JaredWynne.

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