xQc says LoL is a child’s game, Tyler1 should play Dota

Felix “xQc” Lengyel had some very harsh words for both Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp and League of Legends fans.

xQc and Tyler1 are among a large group of streamers and YouTubers taking part in the PogChamps 5 chess tournament hosted by The pair are both in group C and xQc was asked about a variety of topics including his history in chess, his performances in the event to that point, and his overall chances of victory. Along the way, he was faced with a question about his upcoming opponent, Tyler1. He did not have particularly kind words about him or his game of choice.

“That’s a thing that’s globally agreed on. He’s a [League of Legends] player and League is a child’s game. It’s not very difficult at all. It’s one of the easiest games out there. If Tyler had one ounce of self-respect left, he would be playing Dota, but he isn’t. That’s why he’s going to lose when I meet him,” xQc said.

xQc streaming on Twitch

The trash talk from xQc didn’t stop there as he stated that Tyler1 had a “sub-100 rating” and that he should be banned from the game for ruining others with his poor play. While some of this was likely to increase the excitement surrounding their match, it’s not the first time the Twitch and Kick streamer has blasted League of Legends while praising its rival MOBA.

xQc has long preferred Dota 2 to League of Legends

Though xQc has streamed League of Legends many times in the past, he’s also been fairly explicit that he’s more of a Dota 2 fan and that he finds LoL to be overly simplistic. This has even seen him butt heads on-stream with actual League of Legends developers.

In 2021, he had a nasty back-and-forth with a Riot employee who stated that the original Defense of the Ancients was poorly designed. xQc brushed this off and stated that League of Legends players can’t handle too many buttons. More recently, he streamed Dota 2 and was asked to compare the two games.

“[Dota 2] has soul. Even though I like Riot Games…their games are soulless. They have no juice. They have no direction. They just exist, you know?“ xQc said in a stream in May 2023.

It’s unknown how legitimate the beef between xQc and Tyler1 is. The pair snipped at each other on Twitch in October after meeting in-person at TwitchCon. xQc criticized Tyler1’s seeming support of long ad blocks on Twitch, while Tyler1 discussed how xQc oddly sketched a portrait of him in his notebook.

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Written by Steven Rondina

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