Guilty Gear Strive Season 3 bringing big gameplay changes, DLC

guilty gear strive season 3

Fans received some details on Guilty Gear Strive Season 3 and it might just be the biggest yet.

More Guilty Gear Strive DLC characters are coming. Arc System Works has been explicit about that. What fans didn’t know is how much other content is planned for season three. In a post on the game’s official website, the development team stated that new gameplay elements are coming alongside a major balance update.

With Evo 2023 looming, fans can likely expect some announcements about what’s to come. Here’s what the developers said and what might be in store for Guilty Gear players.

Baiken Guilty Gear Strive DLC character

What’s in Guilty Gear Strive Season 3?

Guilty Gear Strive Season 3 will include a new batch of characters, new moves for established characters, a balance patch, and new mechanics.

The development team is being vague about what’s in store for the next season of Guilty Gear Strive, but it’s alluding to some big things. While the introduction of a new character can have major ramifications, Arc System Works seemingly has top-to-bottom changes in store for the game. 

“We are planning multiple updates that should bring a fresh, new experience…our first step towards realizing this will be adding not only new faces to the roster but also implementing balance changes for the entire cast, new battle mechanics, and new special moves for some of the characters,” the Guilty Gear team said in a statement.

It’s unclear what they mean by “new battle mechanics” or which characters will receive an extra special move. Imaginations are running wild to some degree and fans shouldn’t necessarily expect Sidewinder loops to make a comeback or Faust to be pogo-sticking around the stage again. Still, there seems to be a lot to look forward to next season.

Which DLC characters are coming in Guilty Gear Strive Season 3?

Johnny, Jam, and Dizzy rank among the most likely characters to come via DLC in Guilty Gear Strive Season 3.

In 2020 before the game’s release, Arc System Works surveyed fans regarding which characters they’d like to see appear in the game. Johnny, Jam, and Dizzy placed in the top-10 across all regions. Johnny was second in every region, Dizzy was unanimously within the top four, and Jam placed anywhere from fourth to 10th.

Guilty Gear Xx Characters

The survey was released before the game’s full roster was confirmed, so results also include characters like Ramlethal and I-No who were included in the base roster. Some of the characters who weren’t in the base roster but achieved strong results on the survey were later released as DLC, including Baiken and Bridget. Other characters that placed well across multiple regions include Slayer and Elphelt.

Fans shouldn’t necessarily expect these characters to be included, though. Arc System Works hasn’t been adhering to the survey’s results in any consistent way. Returning characters that have already been released as DLC such as Bedman?, Testament, and Sin Kiske weren’t nearly as popular in the survey. There’s also the possibility that characters from Guilty Gear Strive’s story mode and brand-new ones could be included.

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