Stardew Valley: Here are all the ways to get a largemouth bass

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Many Stardew Valley players hate the fishing mini-game, but there’s no reason to sweat about the mission to catch a largemouth bass.

One of the first NPC quests that many Stardew Valley players will get is catching a largemouth bass for Jodi. The Fish Casserole quest activates after hitting four hearts with her, tasking the player with bringing that particular fish to Jodi for a special family dinner. The reward is a short cutscene, albeit one that doesn’t yield any hearts with any member of the family. With Stardew Valley 1.6’s release looming, returning players may want to get the somewhat grindy opening seasons settled.

Getting a largemouth bass isn’t particularly difficult in Stardew Valley, but players will likely have to make a special trip to complete the mission. Here’s where to catch a largemouth bass and how to get one without fishing.

stardew valley mountain lake

How to catch a largemouth bass in Stardew Valley

Players can catch a largemouth bass in Stardew Valley by fishing at the mountain lake between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. 

Unlike other notable Stardew Valley fish like the eel, the largemouth bass can be caught during any season. Players have a slightly higher chance of catching one during the spring and fall, but the difference isn’t profound enough to worry about. Though the fish is relatively common, players are more likely to hook one by casting their line further from the shore.

The mountain lake is essentially the furthest area from the farm, but some players can save themselves a bit of trouble. A largemouth bass can be caught in the water found on the wilderness farm, with the same time restriction seen in its normal habitat.

How to get a largemouth bass without fishing

Stardew Valley players can get largemouth bass without fishing by visiting the traveling cart and searching through garbage cans.

stardew valley traveling cart merchant

As with many other fish, the largemouth bass has a chance of appearing in the traveling cart. It has a randomly generated price tag between 300g and 1,000g. There’s no way to know whether the fish will appear in the cart, and there’s no known way to manipulate the game’s RNG in order to change the likelihood of its appearance.

Players also have a chance of having it pop out of a garbage can. Searching any garbage can during any season has a small chance of yielding a largemouth bass.

Though players can avoid fishing for a largemouth bass, taking a rod up to the mountain lake is likely going to be the easiest way to get one. Because of the randomness associated with both the traveling cart and garbage cans, even the most vehement hater of Stardew Valley fishing is best served just angling their way to a family dinner.

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