What is the new Special Style in Tekken 8? Is it easy mode?

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Bandai Namco is introducing a new control scheme called Special Style in Tekken 8. The new control scheme aims to make the game more accessible to new players, but some veterans are wondering if it might make the game too easy.

Tekken 8 has a deep control scheme, and memorizing hundreds of combos can be difficult for a new player. The story campaign and solo arcade modes can be played with basic knowledge, but players still need to hone their skills for many hours to perform in online competition. Going up against an opponent with extensive experience on a character can be discouraging to new Tekken players.

Many fighting games are introducing alternate control schemes to make the games easier to pick up and play. This can potentially help newer players experience fun gameplay without the time required of memorizing complex moves. 

What are Special Style controls in Tekken 8?

The Special Style controls in Tekken 8 allot a recommended move and combo to each face button on a controller. 

The Special Style is especially great for beginners who want to hop into the game without hour spent learning dozens of combos. The hope for developer Bandai Namco is that the lower barrier for entry lets everyone enjoy what Tekken has to offer. Advanced players can also try out new characters without the fear of losing badly due to inexperience and lack of move knowledge.

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Tekken 8 still comes with the traditional Arcade Style control scheme so veterans of the series can continue playing the game as they always have. The game also lets players switch between the traditional controls and Special Style with a single button, even during battles. 

These simplified control schemes have become a topic of much conversation following the successful release of Street Fighter 6, which prominently features a Modern control scheme that simplifies that game’s controls in a similar way.

How does Special Style work in Tekken 8?

Using Special Style is simple in Tekken 8, as players only need to select the new control scheme and then pull off moves and combos assigned to each button with a single press. 

This lets less seasoned players execute complex moves and combos without spending dozens of hours memorizing each character’s move set. The Special Style assigns moves to each character separately from a pool of many dozens of available moves chosen from each character’s move set. This could potentially make Tekken 8 feel more like an action game than a fighting game with complex combos and inputs. 

There is no word if experienced players can have dedicated lobbies in which only traditional control are available, or if Special Style in Tekken 8 will carry any penalties in damage or recovery. 

Many purists frown upon such “easy mode” control schemes and are vocal about their displeasure. Whether it’s in Street Fighter 6 or a smaller fighting game like the upcoming Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising, this has become a consistent source of argument and even controversy among fighting game fans.

Tekken 8 launches early next year on January 26 with its 32 playable characters

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