Tekken 8 release date, pre-order details revealed

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The Tekken 8 release date was revealed during Gamescom Opening Night Live and it’s coming sooner than fans anticipated. 

After a lot of trailers and character reveals, Bandai Namco finally confirmed when Tekken 8 will launch. The game was announced in 2022 during a PlayStation State of Play showcase and news has trickled in over the year since. A new trailer at Gamescom 2023 showed off more gameplay elements and confirmed several characters including the return of Yoshimitsu.

The 3D fighting game is launching on modern consoles and PC at the same time. It arrives as the fighting game genre enjoys a surge of major releases including Street Fighter 6, Mortal Kombat 1, and Riot Games’ Project L

Tekken 8 release date revealed

Tekken 8 will be released on January 26, 2024 on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Alongside the release date reveal, it was confirmed that five more fan-favorite characters are returning to the game. The trailer was a short one but filled to the brim with new information and returning characters. 

Steve, Yoshimistu, Shaheen, Leo, and Kuma the bear are all making a return to Tekken. Alongside these five was more footage of Raven and Azucena who were announced at Evo 2023. There are 32 confirmed characters in the Tekken 8 base roster.

The latest trailer also showcased a new mode called Arcade Quest that takes players back to the days of arcades. The old days had friends and strangers alike gather at the arcade and play fighting games for as long as a player deserved to. Tekken 8 will try to recapture of of that energy, with a lobby system similar to what is seen in Street Fighter 6 and Guilty Gear Strive. Players will be able to make their avatar and join friends online in a hub to play matches, similar to matching up in an arcade.

Katsushiro Harada labeled the leaked information outdated in a tweet. The developer has been aggressively looking to shut down and push back against leaks, but there have been several big preemptive reveals so far. 

Tekken 8 preorder details, dates

Tekken 8 will start taking preorders on August 22 at 1 p.m. PT, 4 p.m. EST, 9 p.m. BST, and 10 p.m. CEST. There are three versions of the game available for preorder: Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate. 

Not everything is known about what these different versions will offer. A season pass including DLC characters and skins is likely on offer, alongside in-game currency. Tekken 8 will likely bringing its own extras as well.

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