Persona 3 Reload has a new singer, here’s who she is

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Fans knew that Persona 3 Reload was going to look different, but new gameplay and release date trailers revealed that it will also sound completely different with a new singer and songs.

While games like Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater stretch the limits of what the word “remake” means, that’s not the case with Persona 3 Reload. The game is set to tear down the original and start over fresh with new graphics, a new cast of voice actors, and modernized gameplay.

While that extreme shakeup has been welcomed by fans, one of the more surprising changes was the reveal of a new singer for the game. Rapper Lotus Juice is set to be joined by a new artist instead of previous Persona 3 singer Yumi Kawamura. The new duo have re-recorded some of the game’s most iconic tracks.

Who is the new Persona 3 Reload singer?

Azumi Takahashi is the new Persona 3 Reload singer, replacing Yumi Kawamura. The news was confirmed across multiple social media channels from both the team behind the game as well as Kawamura.

Takahashi is a little-known singer who has contributed to other artists’ albums, but only has a handful of songs released on Spotify. She also has a YouTube channel, where her most-watched video is a clip of her singing at a subway station covering the song “Listen” by Beyonce. Being the new singer for Persona 3 Reload is likely her most notable work to date. The response to the new singer has been generally positive so far, though it is unclear whether Yumi Kawamura will contribute to the new game or whether her not returning was a mutual decision.

Lotus Juice is also set to return in Persona 3 Reload. The rapper, singer, and songwriter appeared in multiple Persona games, starting with Persona 3. While Kawamura is out, Lotus Juice will be heard on a slew of the game’s tracks.

Does Persona 3 Reload have new songs?

Persona 3 Reload will feature a mix of brand-new tracks and remakes from the original game.

The general style of the music is very similar to what fans heard in the original Persona 3, but the first track revealed was a brand new battle theme entitled “It’s Going Down Now.” A separate trailer launched shortly thereafter with the remake of the original field battle theme, “Mass Destruction.”

It is unknown whether the original Persona 3 songs will be usable in Persona 3 Reload. Persona 5 Strikers gave players the option to change the soundtrack to include songs from both the base version of Persona 5 as well as Royal. Persona 3 Reload may do the same, but it’s unclear if that option will be available.

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