Data mines say a big Elden Ring update is coming, is it the DLC?

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A major Elden Ring update might be just around the corner, according to new information discovered by data miners.

Elden Ring players are likely to receive an update soon, although it might not be the highly anticipated Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. After months without updates, internet sleuths confirmed that several new files have been added to Elden Ring on Steam over the past five days. Given the timing and FromSoftware’s recent traditions, all signs point to this being a scion for a significant content update.

Back in February, FromSoftware confirmed a DLC is coming to Elden Ring. Since then, no details have been given. The only word from the studio has been that things are “going smoothly,” which came from a surprise interview with a FromSoftware veteran. While all indications are that the DLC isn’t coming out soon and reports say FromSoftware is juggling multiple other projects, including a new PS5 exclusive, fans likely have something to look forward to in the near future.

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Is there an Elden Ring update coming?

A series of small updates to Elden Ring may foretell that a larger content update is coming in the near future.

From November 30 to December 4, changes were made to files “dev-release,” “dev-debug,” and “qa-release,” alongside several others. While it’s unclear what exactly is happening, it seems to confirm that something is in the works behind the scenes. Files being changed like this in Elden Ring isn’t unusual normally, but having many in quick succession is notable. This is especially the case due to the timing.

It’s unknown the next Elden Ring update might include. Big PvP updates have come on a few occasions, even outside the large Colosseum Update from 2022. It’s impossible to say given the data available, but the most logical option for a large content update would be a boss rush mode similar to the one seen in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Regardless of what it is, this Elden Ring update could come as soon as December 7. What happens on this date? The Game Awards 2023. This award show celebrates the best video games of the year and serves as a platform to promote upcoming titles and updates.

Will the Elden Ring DLC be revealed soon?

The Elden Ring DLC might be revealed at The Game Awards 2023.

Game and DLC reveals are part of the festivities, with developers and publishers hoping to reach broader audiences and create more excitement around their releases. Elden Ring, winner of the 2022 Game of the Year award, is one of those titles that keep players wanting more in the best way possible. A FromSoftware YouTuber who has accurately leaked news in the past previously indicated that Shadow of the Erdtree’s first trailer would come at The Game Awards 2023.

Elden Ring developer FromSoftware has become closely tied to the show over recent years since it won the Game of the Year award for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Last year, the company announced Armored Core 6 at the event. Surrounding the event in 2022, it released Elden Ring’s Colosseum Update.

FromSoftware’s parent company has consistently stressed its plans for “maximizing lifetime value.” While not what players expected, a smaller update is a good option to keep the audience engaged until the DLC is ready.

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