New Project L champion leaked surrounding Evo 2023 demo reveal

project l evo 2023 demo

The Evo fighting game series has close ties to Project L and that’s going to be more obvious than ever at Evo 2023

Project L has been on a slow burn for several years now, getting revealed in 2019 with just a few updates about its progress coming in the four years since. Finally, fans of League of Legends and fighting games will actually get the chance to demo Project L in August at the biggest fighting game tournament of the year, Evo 2023

Riot Games officially confirmed that the game will be available to try at the event on its social media channels. Not only that, but fans will also get to find out about another new champion that is coming to the game.

Evo 2023 will feature the first Project L demo

Evo 2023 will host a live, playable demo of Project L. This will be the first true taste of the game given to the public after years of relative quiet from the game’s developers.

Project L executive producer and Evo founder Tom Cannon appeared in a developer update for the new game. While the main point of the video was the reveal that Project L will support up to four players in a match through co-op play, he also gave some details about the version of the game that will be appearing at the event. The demo will feature four characters, three of which are confirmed champions in Project L with one new character set to debut. 

The list of playable characters includes:

  • Darius
  • Ekko
  • Ahri
  • Mystery Champion

Absent from the list are Jinx, Katarina, and Illaoi. Jinx has been featured alongside Darius, Ekko, and Ahri in past footage of this build of the game but will not be available to play at Evo. Katarina was included in the official first look at the game in 2019 but hasn’t been shown in any of the recent videos. Finally, an incomplete build of Illaoi was shown in past Project L trailers but it seems like she may not be done quite yet.

  • Ahri concept art for Project L

Yasuo is likely to appear in Evo 2023 version of Project L

Yasuo was seemingly leaked as part of the Project L cast surrounding the announcement of the Evo 2023 demo of the game.

Alongside the official Riot announcement, multiple content creators released videos regarding a closed-door, hands-on demo of the game. Included in all of this was some footage of people playing Project L in Riot Games’ office. On the screens in the background, a blue character with long, dark hair could be seen. Fans on social media poured over the grainy footage, with most coming to the conclusion that the character is Yasuo.

Yasuo would certainly be a character to feature for Riot. The samurai is one of the most popular characters in League of Legends and is famous for the block of players who exclusively play him to either great or terrible effect.

It’s uncertain that Yasuo will be available in the game at Evo. Even if the character seen in the background is Yasuo, it’s possible that Riot could include another unannounced character in the demo. It remains unclear how many characters will appear in Project L at launch but either way, Yasuo the Unforgiven will likely be among them.

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