Arcane Season 2 release date info leaked, here’s when it’s coming

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Both fans and non-fans of League of Legends have been waiting for Arcane Season 2 and a broad estimated release date has been narrowed down quite a bit.

Arcane first dropped in November 2021 exclusively on Netflix and it proved to be a breakout success. While the second season was confirmed by Netflix shortly thereafter, the release date wasn’t made public and both Netflix and Riot have been largely silent about the show since.

Alas, all of that has changed thanks to a well-respected insider. Because of their leak, fans now know when they can expect to see the second season of Arcane hit the popular streaming service.

Arcane Season 2 release date narrowed down

Arcane Season 2 will reportedly be released on Netflix in November 2024.

MyTimeToShineHello is an entertainment industry leaker who has accurately broken news on upcoming happenings in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They claimed in a now-deleted tweet that Arcane Season 2 will drop in November 2024. This is plausible since a Q4 2024 release window for Arcane Season 2 was confirmed at the Tencent Video V Vision Conference earlier this year.

If the leak is true, it’s good news for fans of the series given how long the original season was in development. Arcane was highly acclaimed by critics and audiences alike, with near-perfect scores on numerous review aggregators. The show ended on a massive cliffhanger, so fans are already more than two years deep into their wait for the show.

Will Arcane Season 2 drop all episodes at once?

Riot has not confirmed if Arcane Season 2 will have three episodes per week or if the entire season will drop at once.

Arcane Season 1 had three episodes released each week, with every batch being referred to as an “act.” It’s not confirmed but Riot may go the same route as last time and release one part every week. 

This strategy makes sense since it worked well for Arcane Season 1, which had fans anticipating each week’s release. It also served to stagger out Arcane-related content in League of Legends and its spin-off games, keeping players engaged for longer.

Even now, fans are waiting for any news on the show. Arcane garnered widespread praise for both its animation and story, and is regarded as one of the best TV adaptations of a video game ever. Expectations will be incredibly high for season two and Riot Games and the animators Fortiche Production have a tall order ahead in meeting them.

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