The Finals fans feuding over battle pass grind, but who’s right?

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The Finals fans are speaking out online about what’s being labeled as a grind-fest battle pass, and the controversy is tearing the player base in half.

The Finals was one of the breakout hits of 2023. The game arrived almost out of nowhere and quickly became one of the most-played games on Steam and was highlighted on consoles as well. The game averages over 100,000 players on Steam and shows no sign of dying off anytime soon and developers are actively maintaining the game’s health.

As a free-to-play FPS, The Finals has all the trappings of a live-service title that players have come to expect, including a fairly complex battle pass. With 96 levels and a corresponding number of rewards, the battle pass offers players a mix of both free and premium items. These unlockables include emotes, skins, sounds, and the in-game Multibucks currency which can then be used to progress further in the battle pass.

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Is The Finals battle pass worth it?

The first battle pass for The Finals may be worth it for players who are active in the game but is tough to level otherwise.

While The Finals battle pass is quite rewarding, it requires a great deal of time and effort to complete it to the end. Its 96 levels are subdivided into 12 tiers of 8 levels each. Every level-up requires 9,000 XP or 150 Multibucks.

Fans have taken umbrage with the sheer length of the battle pass. Although the season is scheduled to run for 90 days, the time investment to complete it is untenable for some players. Some questioned whether they would be inclined to even purchase the battle pass in the future, given how unlikely they are to finish it in time.

Each level takes roughly an hour of playtime, which means players need 90 to 100 hours to complete. This is significantly longer than the battle passes of games like Fortnite or Apex Legends. It wasn’t all criticism, however.

Others contended that the notion that The Finals’ battle pass is a grind-fest is bogus. The 96-level battle pass can be completed over 90 days with around an hour of playtime. The free track of the battle pass offers up to 375 Multibucks, while the premium track unlocks a total of 1575 Multibucks by level 91. This allows paid battle pass players to skip a sizable portion of the battle pass

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