Does Nadia actually cheat at Call of Duty? Here’s what we know

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Call of Duty and Warzone content creator Nadia “Nadia” Amine alleges that she has been unfairly blacklisted from official Call of Duty tournaments “for posting bikini pictures” online, but allegations of cheating linger.

Nadia has previously been ridiculed for declaring herself to be the “best female Call Of Duty player in the world” but her content shows that she’s definitely closer to being the best than the worst. That’s seen here at the center of multiple cheating and hacking allegations, which she has vehemently denied. While these claims have never been proven, Nadia has been the subject of targeted harassment campaigns alongside this.

When Nadia stated that she had been barred from Activision Blizzard-sanctioned tournaments, many assumed it was because these allegations had been proven. That doesn’t seem to be the case, as Nadia says the blacklisting is due to her offering of non-nude bikini photos of herself on an OnlyFans-like website.

Does Nadia actually cheat?

Nadia cheating has never been proven in Warzone or any Call of Duty game.

Old accusations of Nadia cheating resurfaced after she stated that she had been blackballed from official CoD tournaments. In response to this, Nadia contends that she could not possibly have been blacklisted over cheating allegations, citing a screenshotted DM with Activision’s influencer relations manager, who expressed support for her in the face of previous undue harassment.

Nadia was seemingly banned from Call of Duty on-stream in September 2023, with this being called a hoax shortly thereafter. She later stated that this was “a troll” using a ban screen and a pre-made video. She has since played Warzone on many occasions.

Streamers and esports competitors often face unfounded allegations of cheating from both viewers and others within the scene. Counter-Strike star Robin “flusha” Ronnquist was branded as a cheater for years despite winning numerous LAN tournaments put together by various tournament organizers and personalities like Tyler “Ninja” Blevins have falsely accused opponents of cheating.

Women face this on a regular basis across multiple games. Competitive Overwatch player Se-yeon “Geguri” Kim was accused of cheating after going professional. She famously defended herself against cheating accusations by playing on a monitored PC at an esports news outlet’s studio. There were no signs of cheating as she performed at a typical level, and she later competed for the Overwatch League’s Shanghai Dragons for three seasons. 

Nadia did something similar in 2022 playing Call of Duty: Warzone gameplay on a “clean PC” set up by YouTube channel Full Squad Gaming, in a bid to put to rest long-standing unsubstantiated rumors that she used aimbots. With 50,000 viewers tuning in just on TikTok, Nadia reportedly played as well as she normally does, racking up many kills in the battle royale. She has also been defended by some notable Call of Duty and Warzone esports competitors and streamers.

Was Nadia Amine blacklisted from CoD tournaments for nudity?

It is unclear why Nadia has been rejected from competing in some CoD tournaments. Nadia claims this is due to posting photos in swimwear to social media sites, and neither the tournament organizers nor Activision have responded.

In explaining her reasoning behind her claims, Nadia stated event organizer eFuse has ignored attempts to make contact. This comes after Nadia was apparently promised a spot in September in the female-only eFuse Sadie Hawkins 14 tournament, which is scheduled for early January. She says that there could not possibly have been another reason for the apparent ghosting.

Nadia also defended the content she posted. She acknowledges posting photos in a bikini on paywalled social media sites, but noted that numerous men in with larger followings have been similarly unclothed on the internet, or even fully naked.

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