Is a Final Fantasy 13 remaster coming? Here’s what we know

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The Final Fantasy 13 series is getting dusted off in the near future but is this a re-release, a remaster, or something else entirely?

The Final Fantasy 13 series originally released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and later on PC, consists of three titles Final Fantasy 13, Final Fantasy 13-2, and FF13: Lightning Returns. The trilogy received mixed reactions and the eventual PC ports added performance issues to the mix. Despite this, many fans have been vocal in recent years about their desire to see the trilogy and iconic heroine Lightning on current-gen hardware.

Unlike many other Final Fantasy titles that have received a modern port or remaster, Final Fantasy 13 has received no modern or current-gen attention from Square Enix, save for Xbox’s backwards compatibility and upscaling. The recent addition of the series to Square Enix’s official release schedule has sparked speculation of a possible remaster that would give Final Fantasy 13 the same treatment as its predecessors.

Is Final Fantasy 13 getting remastered?

Square Enix’s website indicates that Final Fantasy 13 and its sequels could be remastered or re-released. However, fans ought to temper their expectations.

“Final Fantasy 13 Series” is part of the release schedule on its official press page, along with major releases such as Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and smaller releases like Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link. The Final Fantasy 13 Series’ release is listed as “TBA” on the website, unlike games like Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, Final Fantasy 14: Dawn Trail, and Foam Stars which are all set to release this year. This isn’t necessarily indicative of a 2025 or later release date, as other games slated for 2024 are also labeled as “TBA.”

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While fans might be hopeful that this means there’s a remaster of Final Fantasy 13 and its sequels coming, that’s not necessarily the case. The project is exclusively listed as being for PC. All three games from the series are currently available on Steam.

This suggests that the games may just be bundled together, rather than being a new release. This could be a sort of “definitive edition” release that includes DLC costumes and story content for Final Fantasy 13-2 and Lightning Returns. It could also simply be a pure bundle of the three games on Steam, or a release on other DRMs like the Epic Games Store. Regardless, a remaster for Final Fantasy 13 would almost certainly be released on more platforms than just PC.

Square Enix is yet to comment on whether the Final Fantasy 13 trilogy is getting remastered or why it’s scheduled for release on the official website.

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