Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link: Every gameplay and platform detail

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A secret event for Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link saw series director and character designer Tetsuya Nomura hold a Q&A session, revealing some big news on the game.

After the conclusion of the “Dark Seeker Saga” story arc in the 2019 Kingdom Hearts 3, fans of the Disney and Final Fantasy crossover series have been left wondering what’s next. Although Melody of Memories teased the next mainline game, the upcoming mobile spin-off Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link is expected to expand on the overarching story of the franchise even more.

A secret event for Missing-Link was held in Japan, with those in attendance documenting the proceedings. Nomura also fielded questions from fans, giving some ideas about what the game will feel like in practice and what the future could hold.

Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link is an upcoming GPS-based action RPG game for Android and iOS devices.

Missing-Link, which has recently started its closed beta, is the second mobile game in the Kingdom Hearts franchise after Kingdom Hearts Union Cross, which later became Kingdom Hearts Dark Road. Unlike the other game, Missing-Link is fully playable in 3D and aims to emulate the combat system of the console games. Rather than playing as series protagonist and Smash Bros. fighter Sora, players will be free to create their own playable character.

Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link is set several years before the events of the mainline Kingdom Hearts games, but follows Dark Road. The main location of the game is Scala ad Caelum, a metropolitan city built in place of Daybreak Town after its destruction by Maleficent. Since the city was shown in the secret ending of Union Cross, there will likely be references to that game too, with many fans expecting Luxu to play a role in the story. In addition to featuring multiple original characters new to the Kingdom Hearts series, the game will also have familiar Disney characters that players will be able to call upon in battle.

Kingdom Hearts Gps

Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link is a GPS-based action RPG. While it does have some AR features like Pokemon GO, players can use AP to initiate battles and essentially go wherever they want in the game without actually leaving their homes.

Nomura reportedly stated that Missing-Link would have controller support and sidequests and that Scala ad Caelum would continue to expand with updates.

Although the closed beta of the game is ongoing, the game doesn’t have all of the features it’s expected to have at launch. Players can only play the prologue, explore the Astral Plane, and participate in a few combat challenges and quests. The plot of Missing-Link is completely written and the cutscenes are being finalized.

According to Nomura, however, the full release will add features including continuous expansion for Scala ad Caelum, full controller support, photo mode, and a voiced MC. Square Enix is also reportedly thinking of adding a cutscene skip button, although it’s unsure whether this feature will make it to the final game.

Kingdom Hearts Missing Link 2

Nomura didn’t rule out a console release for Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link, but he did not confirm any plans to do so. However, even if it does have a console launch, it could see the same treatment as Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. The Nintendo DS title was “ported” to consoles via a cinematic retelling of the story that used high-definition cutscenes from the game.

During the event, videos of multiple worlds were reportedly shown to fans and some of them were new. That said, a full lineup of worlds is still unconfirmed.

The returning worlds that were shown during the event include:

  • Prankster’s Paradise from Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance
  • Dwarf Woodlands from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
  • Mt. Olympus, a recurring world in the series

Aside from worlds, new Keyblades will also reportedly be added to the game as updates roll out, although it isn’t confirmed if they’ll be upgraded like in Kingdom Hearts 3. Moogles have been a staple in the Kingdom Hearts series, and will also reportedly play a part in Missing-Link.

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