Prices for new costumes in Street Fighter 6 have fans up in arms

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The full Street Fighter 6 Outfit 3 set will set back fans $100 if they want every single one of the new costumes in the game, and players aren’t happy.

Street Fighter 6 has been a massive success for Capcom, but as with many modern games, publishers are always looking for more ways to create a greater return on their investment. Street Fighter 6 now operates as a live-service game and Capcom has already received criticism for some of its monetary practices.

For example, during Street Fighter 6’s cross-promotion with the movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem, it was revealed that acquiring the outfits for all four turtles would cost $60, at $15 per turtle. With the release of the Outfit 3 costumes, fans are once again making their ire for the game’s pricing known.

How much do new Street Fighter 6 costumes cost?

Each new costume in Street Fighter 6 will cost players 300 Fighter Coins, or roughly $6 USD.  While the pricing is one issue, what has set most players off is how players must acquire Fighter Coins in order to buy the new costumes. There is no in-game way to earn Fighter Coins, as they must be bought with real money. Even worse, they are sold in quantities of 250, 610, 1250, and 2750. 

That means the player will always have a surplus of coins, without necessarily having anything to spend it on. This is a tactic often used for microtransactions to motivate players to buy more digital products, since they’ll always have an excess after making a purchase. 

Even if the player only wants a single outfit, they would have to spend $11.99 at minimum. This is because the lowest pricing of $6.99 only gives the player 250 Fighter Coins, which is 50 coins short of a single outfit’s price. Some players have even noted that they don’t mind the actual price, but that they dislike how much “wasted currency” they end up having to acquire for a few of their favorite outfits.

Is Street Fighter 6 profitable?

Street Fighter 6 has sold over 2.47 million units since its launch in June 2023. It has been a very successful year for fighting games overall, and with more DLC on the way through 2024, the train’s not stopping anytime soon.

Capcom’s decision to have aggressive microtransactions is not a result of trying to make back their profits on a failed product. Instead, it’s just a typical symptom of the modern gaming ecosystem. Street Fighter 6 is already a success, and Capcom is looking for ways to further capitalize on its profits. Unfortunately, that comes at the expense of players’ wallets.

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