Get your 1st look at Solid Snake, Peter Griffin in Fortnite Chapter 5

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Fortnite Chapter 5 is set to be a massive one and it will include some surprising collabs, with Family Guy’s Peter Griffin and Metal Gear’s Solid Snake set to enter the fray alongside the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

With Fortnite’s Big Bang event coming to a close, fans are anxiously awaiting the next chapter. While a lot of info related to the Fortnite Chapter 5 map was leaked earlier last month, Epic Games has finally released the official reveal trailer for the next iteration of the game. While the trailer showcased a lot of the skins coming to the Chapter 5 battle pass, it also revealed two collaborations that are likely to be bonus skins.

In addition to the lineup of cosmetics, the trailer has also revealed the season’s title and theme. It has also teased an unannounced collaboration that fans can expect in the future, featuring an iconic superhero team.

Are Solid Snake and Peter Griffin really coming to Fortnite?

Yes, it has been confirmed that Solid Snake and Peter Griffin are both set to come to Fortnite in Chapter 5. The pair were among the many characters revealed to be coming during the season.

Solid Snake was a surprise, but welcome addition. Metal Gear publisher Konami has been aggressively re-releasing its back catalog of games, and with the Master Collection Vol. 2 game list leaked, that doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. While he isn’t listed as part of the battle pass, Snake is likely to be added as a limited-time bonus skin at the item shop.

While Snake was a surprise, Peter Griffin’s arrival in Fortnite was leaked some time ago. The character has been heavily memed in relation to Fortnite, and his inclusion is finally becoming a reality. The game utilizes an original model of the character with a tuxedo and thin frame, likely to balance his hitbox relative to other skins.

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Alongside Solid Snake and Peter Griffin, the trailer also shows some new original skins coming to the game’s battle pass and all of them have originated from past Fortnite surveys. The other skins coming to the Fortnite Chapter 5 Battle Pass include:

  • Oscar
  • Vengeance Jones
  • Nisha
  • Montague
  • Peter Griffin
  • Valeria

Additionally, the trailer teased a future collaboration with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Scenes during the trailer show graffiti of the Heroes in a Half Shell, strongly suggesting that they will be coming at some point.

Tmnt Tease

When will Fortnite Chapter 5 be released?

Fortnite Chapter 5 will reportedly be released on December 3 and is confirmed to be called “Underground.” The theme of this chapter is The Society versus the Underground.

This comes from HYPEX, a prominent data miner who has leaked multiple Fortnite-related content in the past. This means there won’t be any downtime after the Big Bang event. Alongside the Peter Griffin and Solid Snake skins, Fortnite Chapter 5 will bring the Winterfest event, allowing players to acquire unique event cosmetic items through daily logins.

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