Here are the new Fortnite Chapter 5 weapon, traversal mechanics

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Fortnite’s Chapter 5 trailer has been released and it reveals new weapons and traversal mechanics including mods and extra parkour abilities.

Fortnite’s Chapter 4 is ending soon. Epic Games confirmed that the game is as big as ever, with Fortnite hosting over 100 million players in the month of November. Fans were waiting to see what comes next and Epic Games gave them an answer with a reveal trailer. The trailer for Fortnite Chapter 5 showcases new skins for Peter Griffin and Solid Snake that took the internet by storm, but it also showed off new gameplay mechanics.

Judging by the trailer, new weapons and movement abilities will be added. The weapon modification is potentially being added in preparation for the leaked first-person mode. In addition to adding new unique weapons to the game, Fortnite’s movement and gameplay are being completely revamped to make things faster.

Fortnite Chapter 5 adds new weapon mechanics, modifications

According to the trailer, Fortnite Chapter 5 introduces weapon modification and riot shields to the game.

Based on the trailer, players can change their weapons’ scopes, grips, and magazines for increased weapon customization. This feature won’t be free as players will have to exchange bars for modifications. This feature was leaked almost two years ago and is now being added to the game.

While new weapons are expected to be added to the game too, riot shields are the only ones confirmed for Fortnite Chapter 5. The trailer shows a player holding a riot shield and shooting from the side using a pistol. It hasn’t been confirmed if other weapons or sidearms will be usable alongside the riot shield.

A new item called the “Grapple Blade” was also shown in the trailer. The item, which is effectively a Batman-style grappling hook, lets players aim at a part of the environment and zip toward their target once it lands. While this weapon will greatly affect movement, the trailer focuses on the combat aspect of the item.

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What are the new traversal mechanics in Fortnite Chapter 5? 

Alongside introducing new parkour abilities and vehicles, Fortnite Chapter 5 brings back hurdling.

Hurdling was introduced in Fortnite Chapter 4, but Epic Games disabled the ability after players reported bugginess. The feature is being reintroduced in Fortnite Chapter 5 alongside other parkour-related mechanics that promise to change the movement system in Fortnite completely. 

These mechanics include climbing walls and wall running, which were leaked in the past but are just now making their way to the game. Additionally, it will now be possible to move around while drinking shields, making combat more fast-paced. 

A new train that players can ride and fight in was also shown in the trailer and it looks like the train will go across the entire new Season 5 map that has been leaked. There’s also a new Lamborghini vehicle that will let players travel the map in style.

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