Are PvP and raid bosses coming to Palworld? The devs answer

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Palworld’s developers gave a major update on the future of the game and discussed the potential inclusion of PvP, crossplay, raid bosses, and more. 

Palworld continues shattering records barely within a week of its release. As of this writing, Palworld has sold over 7 million copies in a mere 5 days. For context, this beats the fastest-selling Pokemon game of all time, Pokemon: Arceus, which sold 6.5 million in 7 days. 

Although the success of Palworld is undeniable, questions remain about its future. Some critics even theorize that Pocketpair would “go to a beach somewhere” due to an inability to pivot from launch to long-term sustainability. Pocketpair has struggled with this before, with similar game Craftopia sputtering out after launch. The company detailed what it plans to add to keep players coming back, and what will be added to the game in the meantime.

Will there be PvP in Palworld?

PvP mode will arrive in Palworld in a future update.

Pocketpair is actively working on the implementation of a PvP system. Despite being inspired by Pokemon, Palworld lacks any kind of direct monster battler system. Pocketpair hopes a versus mode incentivizes players to keep coming back and bring some friends with them in the process. 

Steam-Xbox crossplay will also come online in Palworld in a future update. Giving players the ability to easily play with friends is a major value-add, and will likely serve to keep players coming back after clearing the early objectives. This is especially the case if the game arrives on PlayStation or Nintendo consoles.

Interestingly, Shuhei Yoshida, head of the independent developer initiative at PlayStation, responded to a recent fan tweet requesting Palworld for PS5. He simply said “Yes” and tagged Jingwen Zhu, who works for PlayStation’s Partner Development division. This hints at a future PlayStation port for Palworld.

Will there be raid bosses for Palworld?

Developers confirmed that raid bosses and PvP will both be coming to Palworld in the future.

One of the pitfalls of Palworld’s gameplay loop is there is currently no end-game content. Since it’s in early access, players have mostly made their own fun. While there are plenty of things to do, there’s no actual value in “leveling up” one’s operations or abilities.

Palworld gave no official release dates for when PvP or raid bosses will be added to the game. In the meantime, Pocketpair is focusing its efforts on fixing some of the game’s most severe bugs for the next patch. Palworld’s player counts are continuing to grow but the company still has lots of work to do in terms of maintaining that popularity.

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