As Jim Ryan leaves Sony, what happens to upcoming PS5 games?

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PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan is retiring after four years as the head of the brand. His vision changed how PlayStation worked for years, and upcoming projects like a potential Destiny 3 might feel the aftershocks. 

Sony announced Ryan’s departure in a press release today that explains why the CEO is retiring. Jim Ryan joined the company 30 years ago and was recently promoted to the top of PlayStation in 2019. He oversaw the release of hardware including the PlayStation 5, PlayStation VR2, and the PlayStation Pulse headset. Blockbuster games such as Horizon Forbidden West and God of War Ragnorok were also released under his leadership. 

Recently, Ryan doubled down on releasing third-person single-player narrative-driven games on the PlayStation 5. He also stressed the importance of online multiplayer live service titles. Recent studio acquisitions also suggest Sony’s newfound focus on live service games, and this might impact other major releases.

Will there be a Destiny 3 after Jim Ryan’s retirement?

Regardless of Jim Ryan’s retirement, Bungie has no public plans to release Destiny 3 anytime soon. 

The recently acquired studio is working on Destiny 2 and its expansions. The latest game expansion, The Final Shape, is scheduled to be released on February 27, 2024. Despite the name, The Final Shape won’t actually be the final DLC for the online shooter. Bungie has confirmed that the game will continue and explore more stories surrounding many other factions in the game. 


Jim Ryan’s departure could have an impact on Destiny 3 and its development, but Sony has been seemingly hands-off with their first party studios in recent times. Insomniac Games, Naughty Dog, Guerilla Games, and Sucker Punch Production are often vocal about Sony’s approach. It’s unlikely that a new CEO would change a winning formula, but anything remains possible.

What happens to upcoming PS5 games Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine after Jim Ryan’s departure?

After Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Wolverine is the only major first-party release already announced, and it’s unlikely that Sony would change any plans regarding the game after Jim Ryan’s departure.

Sony has been tight-lipped about what’s next for the PlayStation 5. The silence could be due to the ongoing FTC vs. Microsoft case hearings. Sony will appoint Hiroki Totoki as an Interim CEO of SIE. In the press release, Totoki stated, “I will work with Jim and the senior management team closely to ensure our continued success and further growth.” Hiroki Totoki further added that he is looking forward to Sony’s future and the game industry as a whole. 

Sony Group CEO Kenichiro Yoshida explained what’s ahead for the entertainment division.

“We have discussed intensively and have determined the new management structure. We aim to achieve Sony Group’s further evolution and growth through bringing even greater success to the Game & Network Services Business,” Yoshida said.

Recently, fans were irked when Sony increased the prices of PlayStation Essential, Extra, and Premium subscriptions. Previously, Sony first-party titles were the first to launch with a $70 price tag under Ryan’s guidance. 

A new management structure would be needed when Jim Ryan retires in March 2024. It remains to be seen how the new management takes the company forward. In all likelihood, upcoming PlayStation 5 games would remain unchanged, but Sony could shift its focus to new live service IPs.

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