Avowed’s creators leaked its release date, here’s when it’s coming

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The release date for Avowed was supposed to remain under wraps, but someone at Obsidian Entertainment clearly didn’t get the memo.

While Xbox isn’t known for RPGs, the June 2024 Xbox Games Showcase featured quite a number of them. Alongside the official reveal of Dragon Age: The Veilguard and a new trailer for Fable, fans finally got a good look at Avowed. The hyped project showed off overgrown dungeons and bustling cities filled with monsters and NPCs. The trailer ended with a vague release date for 2024, but someone on the Avowed team may have gotten too excited over the reveal..

Just hours after the trailer went live, the game’s release date was leaked by none other than Obsidian itself. Though the company was quick to fix this, it wasn’t fast enough to keep people from taking screenshots and posting them to social media.

Avowed release date leaked by a developer blog post

The planned release date for Avowed is November 12, 2024, according to an accidental Obsidian blog post.

After the Xbox Games Showcase, Obsidian published a blog post with the new story trailer and a quote from game director Carrie Patel. In the intro, the studio accidentally revealed a planned release date of November 12, 2024. Just hours later, the post was edited to awkwardly say “Coming in 2024.”

The story trailer may have intended to reveal the release date, and the blog post was written accordingly. However, the developer or Xbox Game Studios may have chosen to remove it from the trailer. Regardless, Obsidian Entertainment let this release date slip. 

The circumstances of the leak could point to Avowed’s release date possibly being changed before November 12. Avowed has changed quite a bit in the development process, and there could be more changes to come. The lack of commitment could signal a delay from the original release date, though there isn’t much of 2024 left after November. The game could come out in December or get pushed back into 2025.

Because of the current state of Xbox, Avowed stands as a high-stakes affair for Obsidian. The studio has an unfortunate history of being put into difficult situations, succeeding, and then suffering for it regardless. With Microsoft seemingly looking for reasons to close studios and Obsidian potentially angling to pivot Avowed’s success into a Pillars of Eternity revival, there’s a lot on the line.

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