Blizzard may be working on StarCraft revival, Xbox port of WoW

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Xbox’s plans for Activision Blizzard once the Microsoft acquisition is completed may include a slew of new Call of Duty games, and the debut of StarCraft and World of Warcraft on modern consoles.

After a lengthy legal battle, Microsoft is potentially set to finish the acquisition of Activision-Blizzard. An FTC lawsuit was filed due to concerns that Microsoft was trying to monopolize the gaming market and suppress competitors. That hurdle was ultimately cleared and while there may be other challenges on the horizon, the lights seem to be green.

That means that Xbox fans have a lot to look forward to, and both leakers and established media have been reporting big news. On top of several Activision Blizzard games coming to Xbox Game Pass, there are loads of details on what’s in store for Activision Blizzard, particularly as it relates to the Call of Duty series, the possible revival of StarCraft, and the first console port of World of Warcraft.

Captain Price Call of Duty

What are the Call of Duty titles coming for 2024?

The next Call of Duty is developed by Treyarch and set during the Gulf War and is tentatively titled “Black Ops 6.”

This was found out after an actor, Luke Charles Stafford, posted on social media about his excitement over taking on the role of a face model for a future Call of Duty game. There is also an untitled mobile game based on CoD. This is separate from the existing Call of Duty: Mobile title.

Luke Charles Stafford
Luke Charles Stafford

On top of this, Activision has allegedly assigned all of its studios to work solely on Call of Duty projects. It’s possible that studios not directly working on a Call of Duty title are still providing manpower to those projects. CoD is planned to appear on as many platforms as possible in the coming years, with sights set on Nintendo consoles and several cloud services. 

Are StarCraft and World of Warcraft coming to Xbox?

Microsoft allegedly wants to bring both StarCraft and World of Warcraft onto the Xbox platform.

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Microsoft has expressed great interest in bringing Blizzard’s legacy IPs including StarCraft and World of Warcraft, to the Xbox. Support and development of expansions for the MMORPG continue as usual, but a reported Microsoft Store listing implies an Xbox port is coming in World of Warcraft’s future.

Xbox Vice President Sarah Bond revealed in an interview that Microsoft is strongly considering a revival of the StarCraft franchise. While no official plans or commitments were made, the interest alone is enough to turn heads for fans of the franchise. Given that the last major StarCraft project was 2016’s Nova Covert Ops DLC for StarCraft 2, an update to the iconic RTS franchise would be welcomed by many. 

There is also an upcoming survival game, tentatively named “Project Odyssey” that is very early in development at Blizzard. It’s clear from all this that Activision-Blizzard will play a vital role in Microsoft’s gaming division moving forward.

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