Check out everything leaked for the Fortnite x Star Wars event

Star Wars Fortnite collaboration announcement

The first major release of the Disney and Epic Games partnership will be a Star Wars x Fortnite collaboration and leaks suggest that it will bring more than just new skins.

The Fortnite X account announced that the game will launch a new collaboration with Star Wars starting May 3, 2024, presumably in time for the “May the Fourth” event. The event won’t be the first time Fortnite and Star Wars collaborate as the two have a long-standing history of crossover events, with the oldest dating back as late 2019. These may become much more common going forward however, with Disney and Fortnite’s publisher in a billion-dollar partnership.

Although not much is known about the upcoming event, a leaker has shared a picture that apparently depicts new skins and characters fans can expect. That’s not all, as a well-known data miner reported details on other wrinkles of the Star Wars event.

Will Fortnite get new Star Wars skins?

Chewbacca and C-3PO are seemingly set to be part of the upcoming Fortnite x Star Wars crossover event, potentially as new skins.

The picture’s leaker is X user Jorge_Most_, known for revealing Fortnite content before launch including sharing the Fortnite and Naruto collaboration creative hub.

The image shows characters like Chewbacca and C-3PO in their Lego forms. It also includes a death trooper and a rebel soldier. There’s a chance some or all of these characters might come to the game as NPCs rather than skins. This is because some characters have multiple looks, including a farmer C-3PO. 

This was co-signed by ShiinaBR, a well-known Fortnite data miner who has discovered shop releases before they’re officially revealed. They state that fans should “expect most of these characters to only be LEGO NPCs.” The image also depicts an X-wing in the back, although it’s unclear if it’ll be available in the game or just part of the promotional picture.

What other Star Wars collaborations are coming to Fortnite?

A Fortnite data miner discovered Star Wars-related jam tracks and instruments coming to Fortnite Festival alongside the May 3 event. This information also comes from data miner ShiinaBR. 

While mined data confirms that Fortnite Festival will get new jam tracks, it’s unclear whether these tracks will be original or scores from the movies and shows. While the Avatar event didn’t feature any jam tracks, the TMNT one did and it featured the jam track “Streets Ignite” which was a completely original track.

Regardless, fans can likely expect more massive Fortnite events themed around Star Wars, Marvel, and other brands under the Disney umbrella in the coming months. Epic will also likely pull out all the stops to make this first step a strong one.

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