Sonic Frontiers 2 reportedly in the works, but when will it come out?

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Sonic Frontiers 2 is reportedly in development and the big question now is what year its release date might land in.

The Sonic franchise remains iconic but that isn’t to say it’s always sunshine, rainbows, and green hills. From Sonic Boom to Sonic Forces, the Sonic Team development studio that is meant to steward the brand fumbled on that goal for years. Sonic had some hits even during those dark times, but most of those wins came from other developers.

2022’s Sonic Frontiers was when the Sonic Team regained some of its form. The game wasn’t universally beloved, with review averages hovering around 75% or lower, but the fact there weren’t significant growing pains in the ambitious move to an open-world environment was a major victory for the studio. Sonic Frontiers was also well-received by the diehard Sonic fanbase and because of that, it’s little surprise that the game will receive a sequel.

Will there be a Sonic Frontiers 2?

Sonic Frontiers 2 is reportedly in development, according to multiple leakers. The news first came from regular movie industry leaker DanielRPK, who has accurately reported news on Marvel Cinematic Universe films and shows before official reveals, on their Patreon page.

While their reputation isn’t bulletproof and their most recent report about Sonic hasn’t panned out, saying that Hayden Christensen would play Shadow in the Sonic 3 film when the role has reportedly gone to Keanu Reeves, they got a major bit of backup from Sega leaker Midori. Midori has accurately scooped news on games being developed by Sega and its subsidiaries, including reporting on Persona 3 Reload’s existence and posting concept art for unannounced characters in Persona 5 Tactica.

Midori labeled the news as “correct information” but noted that the game itself may not end up bearing the “Sonic Frontiers 2” branding. They stated that a new title with similar gameplay to Sonic Frontiers is in the works, but that the name might change before release.

Sonic Frontiers 2 release date info

It’s unknown when Sonic Frontiers 2, or any follow-up to the game, will come out.

There are reportedly a slew of Sonic the Hedgehog games in the works, alongside confirmed projects. Officially, the big Sonic release of 2024 is set to be Sonic X Shadow Generations, an enhanced port of the 2011 title. Behind that are a number of games that have been reported by leakers that range from small projects to major undertakings.

Sonic Team is reportedly porting numerous games from previous console generations into Unreal Engine 5 to test how easy they would be to remaster for modern consoles. There is also leaked footage of a new Sonic game for mobile devices that plays similarly to Fall Guys, but with customizable versions of major Sonic the Hedgehog characters. Sega and Disney are also reportedly discussing a partnership at a time when Disney is looking to expand its gaming presence and Sonic is a proven Hollywood success.

Officially, Sega has not confirmed any upcoming Sonic games outside of Sonic X Shadow Generations. It’s unclear how far along this Sonic Frontiers 2-style game might be into development, which makes it impossible to guess a release date. Regardless, fans are guaranteed to have lots of Sonic to play over the next few years.

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