Is the new Twitch ban for velvet_7 going to be permanent?

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Popular Twitch streamer velvet_7 has received yet another suspension on Twitch, and her fans are worried that this new Twitch ban might end up being permanent.

velvet_7 has been banned numerous time on Twitch over the years, frequently running afoul of the streaming platforms rules and terms of service. While she’s never been banned permanently, she has had previous bans that have lasted over a year. Could this latest ban be as long as that one, or even longer?

Why was velvet_7 banned on Twitch?

velvet_7 was likely banned on Twitch for another violation of the streaming platforms guidelines for its content creators. The ban follows recent rule changes made by Twitch to combat the platform’s latest “streaming meta.”

Those rule changes made it so that streamers were no longer able to focus their streams on “private parts” of the body. The exact definition of a stream’s focus, and of “private parts,” was left vague in the rules, though a few examples were given. This vagueness may be purposeful, allowing Twitch to broadly interpret its own rules as it sees fit to deal with streamers on a case-by-case basis.

velvet_7 is no stranger to rules violations on the platform. Her current account on Twitch has already been banned several times, for as long as a few days at a time. In the past, she was previously punished with an 18-month suspension that many fans assumed was a permanent Twitch ban.

Eventually, the Korean streamer was allowed to return to the platform. But that return has been rocky, with multiple suspensions following for various lengths of time. It could be that after second, third, and fourth chances being given, the Amazon-owned platform has had enough of her antics.

It’s just as likely, however, that velvet_7 will be back to streaming shortly. She was part of a group of streamers punished shortly after the platform’s new meta rules went live, and she was able to return not long after that.

It’s hard to know what to expect given the ambiguity of Twitch’s rulings and the streaming platform’s relative silence when it comes to its suspensions. Communication is rarely made public on the reasons for any single streamer’s judgments, and the streamers themselves also rarely talk about the reasons behind their Twitch bans, whether they’re permanent or temporary.

velvet_7 did take to social media around the time of the ban to announce that she might have gone “too far,” and seemed to imply that she could be banned for the remainder of the month of April. For now, fans will just have to wait and see what happens in the days and weeks to come.

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