TheNicoleT, asianbunnyx, velvet_7 in new Twitch rules ban wave

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A Twitch ban has been delivered to a number of popular streamers, including TheNicoleT, asianbunnyx, velvet_7, and others following a recent update to Twitch rules.

Many fans were left wondering what the effects would be after Twitch undertook yet another sweeping rules update for its horde of streamers targeting a new meta, this one meant to better manage streamers who were emphasizing “intimate body parts.” And while Twitch typically does not confirm the reasons for its bans, a new Twitch ban wave targeting a small number of popular streamer would seem to be connected.

Taylor_Jevaux, Valeria7K, TheNicoleT, asianbunnyx, velvet_7 all banned on Twitch

Valeria7K, TheNicoleT, asianbunnyx, Taylor_Jevaux, and velvet_7 are among the most popular streamers who are now banned on Twitch after a new rules update. This rule stated that streamers would no longer be allowed to emphasize “intimate body parts” for prolonged periods of time, something each of these now-banned streamers has done in the past.

Twitch has kept these new releases somewhat vague, and that may be intentional, as it allows the streaming platform to subjectively apply its rules. The number of streamers simultaneously caught up in this latest ban wave implies that the new rules are being applied rather heavily, at least for the time being.

There isn’t yet any context being given as to when these streamers will be unbanned. Some of among the platform’s most popular performers. Taylor_Jevaux and TheNicoleT both have follower counts numberring in the millions, while Valeria7K, asianbunnyx, and velvet_7 aren’t far behind. It can be assured that these streamers have a lot of fans who will be angry with this decision, and will demand explanations from Twitch.

TheNicoleT is among those already reacting to the news.

But those explanations may never come. Twitch infamous banned one of this most popular streamers ever, Dr Disrespect, without making its reasoning publicly known. It’s unlikely any of these bans will be treated any differently.

Morgpie, mira, Victoria quickly unbanned on Twitch

Morgpie, Victoria, and mira were also caught up in the latest Twitch ban wave following the new rules targeting the latest Twitch meta, but were then unbanned within hours. This gives some hope to fans of the other streamers who remain banned, as it’s possible those bans could be rescinded at any time.

Even if the bans do remain in place, they’re unlikely to last for very long. The streaming platform has made a habit of maintaining such bans for no more than one single day. This isn’t gauranteed, however, and it’s possible that any of these streamers might find themselves banned indefinitely.

There isn’t yet any confirmation as to what mira, Victorai, and Morgpie did or didn’t do relative to the other streamers who were banned. It’s possible that some or all of them were successful in reaching out to Twitch directly. The lack of communication around the bans is likely to remain persistent and thus keep fans in the dark as to what exactly has happened and why, unless the streamers themselves learn more information and decide to pass it on.

Given the public reaction already voiced by at least TheNicoleT, it’s possible that fans will learn more from the streamers themselves sooner than later.

UPDATE: Most of the affected streamers have been unbanned within a day, though some were then banned again. There is still no official explanation as to why the bans are occurring or being rescinded.

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