asianbunnyx got banned yet again, but is it permanent this time?


Controversial streamer Jessica “asianbunnyx” Ly has been banned from Twitch once again and some are wondering whether her ban is permanent.

Though there has always been a steady churn of social media news about streamers being banned for the same offense on multiple occasions, there has been an uptick in this phenomenon throughout 2023. The “topless meta” where streamers go on-air either without a shirt, or with clothes and camera positioning that suggests they are shirtless, has been the driving force behind several prominent bans.

Twitch bans are often remembered for how quickly streamers become unbanned, however. That’s been the case with asianbunnyx who recently returned from a ban, only to once again get sanctioned. This has left both fans and haters of asianbunnyx frustrated once again.

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Why was asianbunnyx banned?

It is unknown why asianbunnyx received a ban from Twitch but it likely stems from the same thing her other recent bans have; allegedly breaking the rules regarding attire.

Twitch does not traditionally explain why it has banned streamers, and often doesn’t even make this explicit to the content creators themselves. This has been a constant source of frustration for Twitch viewers and streamers alike, as rules are unevenly enforced and punishments are of inconsistent lengths. This has even played out with the biggest names on Twitch, with figures like Turner “Tfue” Tenney facing no repercussions for using racial slurs on-stream while Guy “DrDisrespect” Beahm was permanently banned without explanation.

Though there’s an enigmatic nature to Twitch bans sometimes, that’s not really the case with asianbunnyx. The often-banned streamer has garnered a sizable following in part thanks to her willingness to push the limits of Twitch’s terms of service. It’s unclear what specific action led to her ban, but the act of repeatedly walking up to the line of Twitch’s terms of service will inherently lead to crossing it sometimes.

Is asianbunnyx permabanned from Twitch?

It is unclear whether asianbunnyx has been permanently banned from Twitch. This is asianbunnyx’s seventh ban since 2020 and her fourth ban in as many months.

Odds are that asianbunnyx will return before long, however. Though Twitch once had a “three strikes” policy where streamers had their account permanently disabled after three bans, those days are long in the past. Streamers like Morgpie and asianbunnyx have been banned many times over, and typically have bans lifted in under a week.

Neither Twitch nor asianbunnyx have publicly acknowledged the ban. Precedent suggests she will be unbanned in between two to seven days, and banned once again within two to four weeks.

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