Insomniac sends wave of DMCA claims on leaked Wolverine assets

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DMCA notices are reportedly being sent directly to those who are taking part in the distribution of an unfinished build of Marvel’s Wolverine that was recently leaked, and that could include those downloading it.

Insomniac Games suffered a massive security breach that leaked company secrets ranging from unreleased assets for upcoming games to the personal information of employees and contractors. An early build of Marvel’s Wolverine was also a part of the breach. Initially, concept art and in-game footage revealed story and gameplay details on Wolverine that hadn’t yet been made public. Later, a playable early build of the game was leaked.

The developer is now reportedly fighting back against the distribution of the leaked materials, with some claiming on social media that they’ve personally received DMCA notices from their ISP. The notices state that the copyright owner has identified the user as “the source of the infringing works” and instructs them to search all owned devices for the file explicitly named in the complaint, and delete them.

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It is unclear how this tracking might be possible, but there’s no question that Insomniac’s legal team has been working overtime. The company has been aggressively taking down footage, images, files, and assets related to the leak across every major platform.

Can you download Insomniac’s Wolverine video game?

A leaked early build of Marvel’s Wolverine has been leaked to the internet and is being downloaded, but there are multiple reasons not to download it.

The devastating data breach of Insomniac Games that occurred a few days ago leaked 1.8 terabytes of files including the entirety of its work related to Marvel’s Wolverine. The game itself is in a relatively early stage of development and is unlikely to be representative of the final product.

Gameplay animations, videos of animations, and concept art were all quickly proliferated across social media and are now being taken down en masse. Media in Tweets, YouTube videos, and posts on various other social media sites are now coming up blank.

The entire history of the internet also states that downloading a leaked video game is a recipe for malware. Not only does the source build originate from a hacking group, but the modded versions could also be a vector for potential attack.

Those who have successfully downloaded the game report it being limited in scope and underwhelming. The estimated release date for Marvel’s Wolverine is still years away, and the leaked build reportedly feels like this. Players will likely need to wait for a long while before they can play the game.

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