Major changes coming to PlayStation Plus, including new platforms

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The ransomware attack on Insomniac Games revealed many of Sony’s plans for the future of PlayStation, including possible plans for big changes with PlayStation Plus.

Insomniac was a victim of an enormous ransomware attack where a hacker group released approximately 1.8 TB of the company’s data. While the hack included information on several future Insomniac titles, Insomniac wasn’t the only entity that had secrets come out. Confidential information from Insomniac parent company Sony was also leaked including hints that PlayStation Plus, Sony’s subscription service, may undergo some significant changes.

Many sifted through the data and discovered presentations discussing possible plans on how to grow the service. According to the leaked internal documents, Sony may be planning to expand its game-based subscription to other platforms, much like Xbox Game Pass.

What can I play PlayStation Plus on?

Most PlayStation Plus features are only available through PlayStation consoles, but some facets are available on PC.

That could be changing in the future, though. Leaked documents suggest Sony might be planning to expand its PlayStation Plus service to other platforms, including mobile devices and smart televisions.

Although plans to expand the subscription to PCs are mentioned in the documents, PlayStation Plus is already available on PCs through a free app. However, players can currently only stream games from the gaming catalog, as opposed to having the ability to download the games like Xbox does with Game Pass.

The documents hint that while web browsers and smart TVs will only get access to games via streaming, PC users might get the ability to download games in the future to drive “live services engagement for PlayStation Studios’ PC games.” This comes alongside the revelation that Sony may be planning to add a significant multiplayer focus to its upcoming Marvel Comics-themed games.

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Sony has been increasingly emphasizing live-service games, like the canceled The Last of Us Online.

PlayStation Plus on mobile devices, meanwhile, might potentially see exclusive first-party and third-party content to increase user value. In addition to games, the document also mentions other subscription services like Spotify and Crunchyroll to make the PlayStation Plus subscription more desirable.

Finally, PlayStation Plus could wind up bundled with other subscription services from other gaming companies. It specifically references GTA+ and Fortnite Crew as possible partners. This concept has been seen in action with services like Prime Gaming.

When will other platforms get PlayStation Plus?

The documents don’t mention any dates for the new PlayStation Plus model, but other plans hint that it might be made available around 2027.

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Additional internal documents extracted from the data show that some PlayStation-exclusive titles might released on PC and PlayStation consoles simultaneously in 2027. The leaks also hint that Sony plans on making changes to game prices starting in the same year, making it possible that the PS Plus revamp might be done alongside the other big changes.

Alternatively, with Sony actively focusing on implementing more live-service elements in its first-party games, as evidenced by Spider-Man 2 likely getting multiplayer soon, PS Plus’ expansion to other platforms might happen soon to increase the potential live-service revenue and player base.

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