Leak shows multiplayer is coming to Spider-Man 2, here’s when

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A ransomware attack has leaked data on multiple Insomniac Games titles, and among it seems to be information that suggests multiplayer is coming to Spider-Man 2.

Spider-Man 2 came out in 2023 and was met with general praise from fans, going as far as to become a contender for Game of the Year. It seems Insomniac Games isn’t done with the title by a long shot, as data leaked by the ransomware group “Rhysida” suggests that the second mainline entry in Insomniac’s Spider-Man series might be getting a multiplayer mode.

In addition to leaking the potential game mode, there’s also information on when fans can expect multiplayer to be made available. The leaks suggest that two more upcoming Insomniac titles will have multiplayer, although there’s no information on how the Spider-Man 2 online game mode will work.

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Spider-Man 2 multiplayer game mode leaked

According to the leaks, Spider-Man 2 will be getting multiplayer in 2024. There is no indication on when the game mode was planned for release.

There is currently no information on how far along the development of Spider-Man 2’s multiplayer is, or how the mode will work. Insomniac had announced plans to add multiple features in Spider-Man 2 in early 2024, and there’s a chance that the multiplayer mode might be a part of that.

The leaks also give information on a pitch for a standalone multiplayer game based on the first Insomniac Spider-Man game. Internal details used the title “Spider-Man: The Great Web,” and discussed an open-world multiplayer action-adventure title that would get expanded into an entire multiplayer franchise. Spider-Man 2’s multiplayer could potentially take some elements from this pitch.

Related to this leak are hints of Insomniac working on something related to the Spider-Verse. Using the Spider-Verse concept to give players the ability to create their own Spider-Man or Spider-Woman would be a solid foundation for a multiplayer experience.

Wolverine, X-Men games seemingly getting multiplayer

The leaks suggest that the upcoming Wolverine game and the unannounced X-Men game will also have online modes. Although Wolverine has already been officially announced by Insomniac, an X-Men game was leaked alongside other future Insomniac titles. 

A leaked Insomniac Games multiplayer timeline that was included in a presentation suggests that the studio will also be releasing Wolverine Online, which is slated to be available to play in 2026. This suggests that the Wolverine multiplayer mode might be available at launch, unlike with Spider-Man 2.

Marvel’s X-Men Online is slated to be released in 2028. Interestingly, the release date for the single-player X-Men game is 2030, which suggests that X-Men Online will be released as a standalone multiplayer title, as was the case with Halo Infinite.

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