Why was Morgpie banned from Twitch again? What we know so far

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Morgpie is the latest streamer to be banned for Twitch without specific explanation. But do we already know why she was banned, and when she might be back?

Twitch isn’t shy about issuing bans to streamers who break the platform’s rules. The trouble is that those rules can be vague, and Twitch doesn’t often provide any explanation for why it bans specific streamers while allowing others to carry on.

So why exactly was Morgpie banned from Twitch, and what does this mean for the popular streamer moving forward?

Was Morgpie banned due to new Twitch guidelines?

It may not be a coincidence that Morgpie was banned soon after the implementation of new guidelins on Twitch. Those guidelines sent shockwaves throughout the streaming community, as they significantly updated how the Amazon-owned streaming platform would approach sexualized content.

Those new guidelines played a role in some streamers deciding to push boundaries anew on the platform. This included simulated nudity, either through the use of very specific camera angles, or through different types of censor bars.

Morgpie was among the streamers to push in these new directions. It’s hard to say exactly which behavior of hers might have gotten her banned, only because Twitch does not typically explain the reasoning behind its bans.

This has become a source of considerable frustration for streamers and viewers alike on Twitch. For streamers, it can be difficult to know just how far the rules can be pushed, or even if the rules are being universally applied, because the streaming platform sometimes offers so little in the way of context regarding its decisions.

For fans and viewers, they might have the ability to watch their favorite streamers on the platform taken away without explanation, sending them to social media or elsewhere to discuss and debate what might have led to the decision. It’s not an ideal situation, but it’s also not one that Twitch seems very interested in resolving.

When will Morgpie return to Twitch?

Regardless of the exact reason for Morgpie being banned on Twitch this time, there’s little doubting that she will return to the streaming platform sooner or later. And it will very likely be sooner.

Morgpie has been banned from streaming on Twitch numerous times in the past. In each such occasion, she was then unbanned. Most times, her ban was rescinded after just a single day.

That’s hardly a major punishment, and it’s not in line with the punishments some other streamers have received. But it’s hard to say much more about it given Twitch’s refusal to provide sufficient context for most such bans. It leaves fans and viewers with little to do besides bide their time and wait for their favorite streamers to show back up.

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