The Joker arrived in Suicide Squad, here’s why everyone hates it

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The Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has just released its Season 1 DLC, and people aren’t exactly thrilled about the game’s take on the Joker. 

Months before its actual release, The Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League was already controversial. Many disliked the live service aspects of the game, wondering why Rocksteady Studios was being put into the same unenviable position that once-beloved studios like Bioware and Bethesda Game Studios were with Anthem and Fallout 76, respectively. The fact that Warner Bros heavily advertised said monetization as part of the experience did not help matters.

Meanwhile, DC Comics fans hated the cynicism with which the story treated the iconic Justice League. This was compounded by story leaks that were resoundingly unpopular. In a possible sign of commercial struggles, the game was being discounted by 40% shortly after its release.

Unfortunately for Rocksteady, The Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League’s Year 1 DLC is off to a poor start too. The game’s version of the character, his voice acting, and how he fits into the gameplay are all being blasted by fans.

Why do people hate the Joker in The Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League?

Fans criticized The Joker DLC for the heavy grinding required to unlock him and the lack of any story tie-in for him.

Although patient players can obtain the Joker DLC for free with a few hours of grinding, missions in The Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League have been criticized as repetitive. Alternatively, players can spend 1,000 Luther Coins, equivalent to a real-life $10, to unlock him instantly.

As with other modern iterations of the Joker, many fans did not like the “pretty boy” stylings used for the character design, just like in Injustice 2. The lack of Mark Hamill as Joker also distracted some fans, especially with Kevin Conroy reprising the role of Batman.

The story additions were also minimal, with next to nothing being added to the main story. Overall, the contents of the Joker DLC may be a red flag for players expecting more significant content in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League going forward.

Who’s the next DLC character after The Joker in Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League?

Rocksteady has not confirmed the next DLC character for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

The Joker is only the first part of Season 1, though he is only the first playable DLC character thus far. The rest of the season will focus on weapon cosmetics inspired by different DC villains such as Two-Face and Reverse Flash. 

Notable leaker Miller Ross claims that Deathstroke, Killer Croc, and a gender-bent version of Mr. Freeze will be playable characters in the future. Ross accurately reported many details about the game before its release, including the Joker DLC. 

Rocksteady hopes these DLC characters can reinvigorate the player base. Whether they will be able to do so without significant content releases alongside them is uncertain.

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