All of Suicide Squad’s Year-1 DLC characters may be revealed

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The Joker is joining the Suicide Squad when they go to kill the Justice League and details are circulating about who else may join him in the game’s Year 1 DLC.

Rocksteady has detailed its plans on how its Year 1 DLC will support Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League after launch. In the third and last episode of the “Insider” video series posted by the studio, the Joker was officially announced and revealed for the game. The Suicide Squad is a live service open-world game, so adding new content for the foreseeable future is central to the game’s success. 

Alongside this, a leaker who has been regularly discussing the game also claims to have the full lineup of characters for the remainder of 2024. Included are some iconic DC villains, as well as original takes on established characters.

When is Joker coming to Suicide Squad?

The Suicide Squad Year 1 DLC kicks off with the Joker coming in March 2024.

This Joker will be an Elseworld version of the character as the original version in Arkhamverse died in Batman: Arkham City. The studio will “incorporate alternate realities invaded by Braniac” to support new, alternate, or returning characters in the Year 1 DLC, with Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’s Joker looking and acting significantly different than the crazed, disheveled version of the character seen in the Arkham games.

Arkham Knight Joker
The Joker in Batman: Arkham Knight

The season of Joker will come with a new playable environment and two episodes with new activities, missions, and strongholds to conquer. Suicide Squad Season 1 will also bring new boss fights, variants, and DC villain-themed gear and weapons. 

What villains are coming to Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League in Year-1 DLC?

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’s Year 1 DLC characters reportedly include the Joker, Mrs. Freeze, the new character Lawless, and Deathstroke.

Most of these characters have been highlighted by Miller Ross, a leaker who has been regularly covering Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, who painted a full picture of the game’s first year.

Following the Joker will be Victoria Fries, dubbed Mrs. Freeze, who is likely to be a gender-bent, alternate-reality version of the familiar Mr. Freeze character. After this is Zoe Lawton as Lawless, Rocksteady’s reimagined version of the character. Topping off the list is the highly anticipated Deathstroke, a key antagonist across DC Comics who appeared in both Arkham Origins and Arkham Knight.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League launches on January 30 and players are prepping for its release. Unfortunately for many, might include upgrading rigs for PC players.

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