Suicide Squad is likely headed for Gotham City in Halloween DLC

suicide squad gotham city

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League might be returning to Batman’s home turf of Gotham City in future DLC content.

Updates on Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League have been rising in recent weeks, though not all of it has been good. Some people have already played the game, and the reception has been decidedly mixed. Although there was praise for the game’s banter and action-packed gameplay loop, there have also been criticisms of the game’s questionable plot as well as the imminent microtransactions.

The latest leak suggests those live service concerns won’t be quelled anytime soon. Miller Ross, a notable leaker for superhero games such as Marvel’s Avengers, hinted at details for the seasonal plans of Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. These plans happen to include a return to a familiar crime-ridden city.

When is Gotham City DLC coming to Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League?

Leaks suggest that Gotham City DLC will be arriving in Season 3 of Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. Alongside the return to Batman’s beloved criminal hellscape, there will also be a new playable character who is yet to be revealed. Previous leaks already suggested that the likes of Deathstroke and Killer Croc were going to be playable in the game. According to Ross, there’s a roadmap for at least “16 to 20 months” worth of content already planned for the game.

suicide squad kill the justice league

Details for four seasons’ worth of content have also been revealed. Season 1 will take place in a Joker-inspired location, Season 2 will be in a frozen wasteland, likely centered around Mr. Freeze, Season 3 is the aforementioned Suicide Squad Gotham City DLC update, and Season 4 will feature Deathstroke.

Season 3 of Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is speculated to arrive in time for Halloween 2024. That specific release window does give some hints as to what the theme will be for the Season. The most likely inspiration would be Batman’s “Long Halloween,” which saw Batman run through a gauntlet of Gotham’s super villains to uncover the identity of a mysterious serial killer.

The extent of Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League’s roadmap has been criticized by many online. Accusations of the studio purposely holding back already-completed content to pad out the DLC and live service aspects of the game have been thrown around, but there’s no official confirmation of this tactic. Regardless, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League has an uphill battle ahead of it given fan response to everything from its villain designs to its potential DLC plans.

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