GeForce Now is about to offer a day pass, is it worth it?

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NVidia’s GeForce Now service is becoming even more accessible, with the introduction of a new day pass subscription option that offers access to the service’s many games at a relatively low price.

Despite not being a first-party endeavor like Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Now, Nvidia’s GeForce Now has carved out a spot in the cloud gaming market, even as services like Google Stadia have crumbled. Cloud gaming is gaining traction but one of the long-standing complaints has been the high cost of entry for players who want to play games on-demand without being tied down by an entire month’s subscription.

That’s all about the change with the introduction of the day pass membership tier for GeForce Now.

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GeForce Now announces day passes, prices

GeForce Now will now offer users the ability to purchase a day pass. The day pass will have two versions, Priority and Ultimate, which are differentiated by their queue times, maximum session length, and access to the latest server hardware.

The Priority day pass is priced at $3.99 and is an immediate step up from the free tier, which only offers a low-spec machine, boots users off of the service every hour, and has a queue time before users can play. A GeForce Now priority day pass reduces wait times and offers six-hour uninterrupted sessions on 3080 RTX machines to run games smoothly at a maximum of 1080p resolution with 60 FPS. A GeForce Now ultimate day pass costs $7.99 and raises the hardware bar to the RTX 4080, bumping up the graphical fidelity to 4K resolution at 120 FPS for up to eight consecutive hours of gaming.

The longer duration plans, whether monthly or annual, are the better value proposition. However, these new one-day plans fill an unserved void. Wary gamers who are on the fence about the GeForce Now service, or cloud gaming in general, and want to test a paid tier can now do so with few risks. Players on the go who want to get their daily missions in their favorite game while they’re away from home can do so without splurging on a whole month.

When do Day Pass memberships for GeForce Now start?

GeForce NOW will begin offering Day Pass membership tiers as an option sometime in February.

This is in time for the arrival of more games from Activision Blizzard’s catalog to its service, including Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4. The latter will receive ray-tracing support in March. This comes at a time when GeForce Now seems to be increasing the scope of its relationship with Xbox, adding a number of Bethesda Softworks games in August 2023.

The launcher itself will become available on GeForce NOW at a later, unannounced date.GeForce NOW is expanding upon its list of supported regions, raising that number to 110, with the addition of Japan, Chile, and Thailand via newly opened data centers.

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