Report: Death Stranding 2 title revealed with release date update

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A full Death Stranding 2 reveal may come in the immediate future but key details regarding its release date and title are already being reported on.

Fans have been waiting for more information regarding Death Stranding 2 since the first trailer was released in December 2022. Other than returning cast members and some hints at possible plot points, not much else was announced at the time. Since then, there has been no other information for fans. 

That’s set to change according to Dealabs’ Billbil-kun. The reporter who previously broke the story on the PlayStation 5 Slim release date and other stories related to the brand now says they have details on a new title for Death Stranding 2, as well as an update on its release date.

Death Stranding 2 title possibly revealed

The Death Stranding sequel will have the full title Death Stranding 2: On the Beach.

Billbil-kun reported that the game will be subtitled “On the Beach.” This is likely a nod to the place people go in the game’s world after dying and where BTs come from. Beaches in Death Stranding are a middle ground between life and the afterlife and can take different forms from person to person, but they’re also shown to be extremely literal.

The official title for Death Stranding 2 has not been confirmed by Kojima Productions or Sony Interactive Entertainment. Billbil-kun notes that the title is not final so it’s possible that it could be changed. PlayStation’s official post of the 2022 reveal trailer refers to Death Stranding 2 as a “working title” so when the game hits shelves, it’s likely to have another name.

Death Stranding 2 release date remains vague, but narrowing

Death Stranding 2 will reportedly come out in 2024 or 2025.

There has been no new information to give a better estimate for the release of Death Stranding 2, but there might be more information in the near future. Billbil-kun cites a recent statement from GiantBomb’s Jeff Grubb, who indicated that there would be a PlayStation’s State of Play event in “the next few weeks.”

In the Dealabs article, Billbil-kun states that they expect a new announcement regarding Death Stranding 2 to be in the next 15 days. The announcement isn’t guaranteed to be a part of that potential State of Play, but it would be a logical destination for a major reveal regarding the PlayStation-5 exclusive Death Stranding 2. There was also a hint in a December 2023 tweet by Hideo Kojima’s personal assistant, showing Kojima editing a video with “State of” included in the title.

There is very little information regarding Death Stranding 2 with its release date and platform list currently unconfirmed. Currently, it is only confirmed that Death Stranding 2 will be released on PlayStation 5 at launch and there is no estimated launch window. A tweet from Hideo Kojima suggested that the game will be in development for much of 2024, suggesting it may not come out until late into the year or 2025.

There is no official confirmation regarding the reported Death Stranding 2 details or when the next State of Play event will happen. If the information is correct, fans shouldn’t have much time to wait to get more news for Death Stranding 2.

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