Explaining the Hasan vs Destiny streamer rivalry and drama

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The streamer drama between Hasan and Destiny has been going on for a while, but what sparked the feud in the first place, and why is it such a big deal among their fans?

The world of streaming has practically become synonymous with controversy. Whether it’s Twitch’s policy changes or Kick’s gambling ties, there are seemingly countless reasons for controversy in the streaming space. The primary source of drama has often been between the actual people streaming on the platform, and that’s exactly what HasanAbi and Destiny’s squabble has proven. 

Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker is a Turkish-American streamer who made his name on The Young Turks political podcast before pivoting to Twitch in 2018. Steven Kenneth “Destiny” Bonnell II is an American streamer and was one of the earliest gamers on, which eventually became Twitch. Destiny slowly shifted his content from gaming to political debates, gaining his first spike in notoriety after debating Jon “Jontron” Jafari over racial issues. 

Though neither Hasan nor Destiny are strangers to controversy, the mutual hostility highlights just how toxic the streaming space can get when hordes of fans are involved.

Why are Hasan and Destiny fighting?

Hasan and Destiny’s feud and constant fighting stems largely from political differences and a rivalry that formed between the two massive fan bases. As with many streamer grudges, it’s often a series of small disagreements that eventually balloon into heated flame wars. 

While both are left-leaning in a broad sense, HasanAbi and Destiny differ on several key issues. Though they engaged in debates throughout 2018, Hasan and Destiny did once maintain a friendly relationship. That changed after Destiny accused Hasan of spreading misinformation about then-U.S. Senator Kamala Harris.

This incident burned the bridge between two streamers. Hasan and Destiny would throw accusations at each other, with Destiny often throwing the first blow in these spats in response to Hasan’s on-stream actions. In January 2024, for example, Destiny called Hasan a “cringe-larping loser” after the latter asked self-proclaimed Houthi pirate Rashid Al Haddad about “One Piece” during an interview. 

This led to both streamers and their fans attacking each other constantly throughout the ensuing months. It got so bad that the moderators for LivestreamFail, one of the largest online communities dedicated to streamers and their drama, banned all posts centered around the dramatics between the two high-profile political streamers. 

Many of Hasan and Destiny’s fans reacted negatively to this news, while most everybody else praised the decision. With the feud still looking to be far from over, Hasan and Destiny will likely trade barbs indefinitely into the future.

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Written by Gab Hernandez

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