How to get Cave, Sea, & River Jelly in Stardew Valley, what they do

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Fishing got a major buff in Stardew Valley 1.6 with the additions of Cave Jelly, Sea Jelly, and River Jelly, but how exactly are these obtained and what do they do?

River Jellies have been added in the 1.6 update and they serve as both an ingredient in crafting as well as for trading and quests. It also makes for an excellent consumable restoring both health and energy, and boosting the latter. Oddly enough it cannot be offloaded at Willy’s shop, only the Shipping Bin, despite being a fishing-related item.

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It’s a versatile item but what makes it a must-get is using it to make the new Fish Smoker. Here’s where to find each of these items and how to start smoking in Stardew Valley.

Where to find Cave, Sea, and River Jelly in Stardew Valley

The three different jelly items can all be found at random while fishing. Each type of jelly can be found in a select list of locations and are acquired similarly to the different trash items like Broken CDs and Joja Cola. Here’s the location of each type of jelly:

Where to find River Jelly

River Jelly can be found during every season in any freshwater source throughout Stardew Valley, including rivers and ponds. It is a fairly rare drop, and increasing luck is the most reliable method for increasing the chances of finding it.

The following locations are potential locations for fishing for River Jelly:

  • All farm maps excluding the standard and beach variants
  • Cindersap Forest pond
  • Cindersap Forest river
  • Pelican Town river
  • The Mountain lake
  • The Desert pond
  • Secret Woods pond
  • Ginger Island

A Midnight Carp Fish pond may give out a quest to double its capacity from 5 to 10, by tossing in 10 Coal and 1 River Jelly. This works out in players’ favor as a Midnight Carp Fish Pond with at least 7 fish can then serve as a potential location for catching more River Jelly.

Where to find Cave Jelly

While the River Jelly can be found in a number of locations, Cave Jelly is exclusively found in the Mines. It can be fished out of the small ponds found on floors 20, 60, and 100. A Fish Pond with at least eight Lava Eel can also give the player Cave Jelly as a gift.

Where to find Sea Jelly

Sea Jelly can be found in any ocean water the player has access to. The primary area for this is the beach to the south, but the beach of Ginger Island and the waters of the pirate cove also have it. Players who get some fishing in during the Night Market’s submarine ride can also get Sea Jelly, though the goal underwater is to catch rare fish.

Finally, the Bookseller will exchange three Sea, Cave, or River Jelly in exchange for a Jewels of the Sea book.

What do River Jelly, Cave Jelly, and Sea Jelly do in Stardew Valley?

River, Cave, and Sea Jelly can be consumed for health and energy or used in crafting.

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River Jelly has several uses in Stardew Valley, including crafting the Fish Smoker, which preserves fish and doubles their value. The Fish Smoker requires 10 Hardwood, 1 River Jelly, 1 Sea Jelly, and 1 Cave Jelly to craft. Fish Smokers double the selling price of fish in exchange for one Charcoal and are particularly helpful for players who want to make fishing a major component of their income. While it’s not necessarily going to be impactful for players on the new meadowlands farm, riverland or beach farms can benefit greatly.

When consumed, each one immediately provides 75 energy and 33 health, with a separate buff applied for seven minutes. River Jelly raises maximum energy, Cave Jelly raises luck, and Sea Jelly raises fishing. It can also be sold for 125g via the Shipping Bin, but this is not recommended considering its rarity and usefulness in crafting, questing, and buffing.

Finally, even though Willy won’t buy River, Cave, or Sea Jelly from the player, it is still considered a fish as far as Stardew Valley‘s four fishing achievements are concerned.

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