Is the Twitch topless meta dead after new attire policy changes?

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Streamers like Jessica “asianbunnyx” Ly and Morgpie are being forced back to the drawing board as Twitch confirmed changes to its attire policy that will kill the topless meta.

Twitch content is cyclical, with a new game or style of content gaining popularity and declining before something takes its place. Sometimes that decline happens organically, like when interest starts to wain in a game like Fortnite. Other times, Twitch changes its rules to force an end to a meta.

The most recent “meta” has been the topless meta, centered around implied or real nudity below the camera’s frame. Twitch has changed its attire policy to bring an end to this and explicitly stated as much on its blog.


Is the topless meta dead on Twitch?

Twitch killed the topless meta on January 3 by changing its attire policy to bar implied nudity.

“[Twitch doesn’t] permit streamers to imply or suggest that they are fully or partially nude, including, but not limited to, covering breasts or genitals with objects or censor bars,” the new guidelines read on the Twitch Safety Center page.

The topless meta has been at the center of Twitch discourse for some time now. In late 2023, streamers including Morgpie began streaming naked or with very little clothing. Though Twitch bans nudity in its guidelines, streamers worked around this by either blocking out parts of their broadcast with something akin to censor bars or by keeping the camera framed in a way that would prevent showing anything ban-worthy. Morgpie credited asianbunnyx for “inventing” this approach to streaming. Both received bans from Twitch with asianbunnyx voicing frustration over the timing of her ban.

Perplexingly, these bans were followed by Twitch relaxing its rules regarding “artistic nudity” during streams. This allowed for non-sexualized nudity during streams, which was promptly followed by artists and streamers testing the limits of this by showing lewd content or simply being naked on-stream. Many channels were banned and Twitch quickly reversed the rule change, though it took several weeks to change the attire policy.

Many of the streamers that were impacted by this had their bans reversed, despite evidence suggesting that some of these bans were permanent. 

What’s next for Morgpie, asianbunnyx?

Morgpie and asianbunnyx are unbanned on Twitch and are making their previous styles of content

In both cases, this is standard Twitch fare including video games, live blogging, and interacting with the chat, just while wearing a bathing suit. Precedent suggests that a new, edgy Twitch meta will take the place of the topless meta.

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