Was Melina banned from Twitch because of her husband Destiny?

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Streamer Melina has found herself in the crosshairs of livestreaming platform Twitch, and her resulting ban has fans wondering if it has anything to do with her popular streaming husband, Destiny.

Melina Goransson’s Twitch ban was made public on December 29, and the streamer commented on it herself. But why exactly was she banned, and is her relationship with her partner Steven “Destiny” Bonnell involved? Here’s what we know so far.

Why was Melina banned from Twitch again?

Melina being banned again has her viewers and fans wondering what she did to get on Twitch’s bad side. Because Twitch is notoriously quiet when it comes to explaining the reasoning behind its bans, fans have largely been left to speculate. In fact, it seems the streamer herself as had to resort to speculation and social media.

As for the exact reason, there is no apparent consensus among her fans. This is part of what has led to speculation that Destiny, or Destiny’s fans, might somehow be involved.

Destiny has long-since been banned from Twitch, and his ban is likely permanent. The streamer now operates primarily on competing livestreaming platform kick. His association with Melina could in theory have resulted in her being banned, if he was somehow involved in her stream in a way that Twitch doesn’t allow. But that doesn’t seem to have been the case.

Did Destiny’s fans get his wife Melina banned on Twitch?

There has also been a question as to whether Destiny’s fans might somehow have brought the Twitch ban to his wife Melina about, perhaps through brigading. This thought stems from ongoing relationship issues between Destiny and his wife Melina that have been aired out in public.

There isn’t any evidence of this occurring either, however. Destiny’s fans don’t seem to be owning up to it, and there’s no video on record of Destiny requesting that such a thing be carried out. So it seems more likely to be baseless speculation given the lack of a firm answer as to the reason for the ban.

Regardless of the exact reason for her ban, Melina’s fans can rest easy knowing that the streamer will be back soon. She has herself said that the ban will last for only one day, despite it not being her first on the platform.

Whether this ban will be her last remains to be seen.

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