Valorant Mobile release date is coming soon in 2024, here’s why

valorant mobile release

As new gameplay and screenshots for Valorant Mobile continue to come out, rumors suggest that the game may officially make its way to mobile devices with an early 2024 release date.

Valorant’s mobile version was initially announced in 2021 by Riot Games during the game’s first-anniversary celebration. New gameplay clips and screenshots have continued to circulate the internet since, but the studio has not revealed any official information on Valorant Mobile’s release date. However, rumors now suggest the game might appear on mobile devices in early 2024.

Leaker PlayerIGN posted on X that Valorant Mobile would be seen on mobile devices in early 2024, followed by the news being shared by several notable Valorant Mobile leakers.

Valorant Mobile release date

Neither Riot Games nor its parent company, Tencent, has given any official information regarding the release date of Valorant Mobile, though rumors have now given some indication to fans.

PlayerIGN suggested on X that the game would be coming to consoles in 2024 instead of the previously rumored 2023 release date, stating that players “will see Valorant Mobile in January or later early 2024.” 

While the way they worded the post made many fans believe that the user was implying that another beta would appear on mobile devices, the leaker followed up with another post the following day saying that “Valorant Mobile is coming 2024.” 

Valorant Mobile has only been playable as a closed beta test in China. The beta resulted in several gameplay clips of the game being passed around among fans, and they indicate that the game might now be in its later stages of development, suggesting that an early 2024 release date is not implausible.

Will Valorant Mobile have cross-platform progression?

It’s currently unknown whether Valorant Mobile will have cross-play or cross-platform progression. 

While it’s unlikely that the mobile version will have cross-play with the game on desktop, several notable Valorant leakers have stated that it will have cross-platform progression. A Riot Games developer had also hinted at Valorant Mobile featuring cross-progression in December 2022, although nothing was officially confirmed.

The mobile version of Valorant has unique features like an XP-based progression system that allows players to unlock agents and their gear by simply leveling up. Since this system differs from having to spend currency in Valorant’s PC version, it’s unknown how exactly the theoretical cross-progression would work.

Valorant Mobile might also be a standalone game, similar to the mobile version of League of Legends called Wild Rift, which doesn’t share any type of progression with the game’s original PC version. If Valorant Mobile follows in Wild Rift’s footsteps and establishes itself as a separate game, both cross-play and cross-progression with the PC version would be unlikely.

With a rapidly approaching 2024 release date looking likely for Valorant Mobile, fans of the game shouldn’t have to wait much longer to find out for themselves.

Where to get Valorant merchandise

Valorant fans looking for merchandise based on the game have a few different options. Publisher Riot Games does provide some options, but not many, meaning that one may have to look beyond Riot’s official selection.

That official merchandise is largely limited to branded apparel featuring the game’s logos and characters. This selection is always changing. The company has created other types of merchandise as well, most prominently impressive character statues, so there’s always a chance that options beyond clothing could again appear.

If fans are looking for different options beyond those that Riot Games officially represents, custom-made opportunities might be the best bet. These can include custom keychains and patches, as well as other myriad types of merch, apparel, and more.

Considering the immense popularity of Valorant, don’t be surprised if more options continue to pop up in the future as the game’s global reach continues to grow. Riot’s development of a mobile version of Valorant is likely to only further that reach, which is a big reason why so many are so interested in the game’s nearing release date.

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