Check out what Valorant Mobile looks, plays like in leaked footage

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Valorant Mobile is not officially out yet but leaked gameplay footage is offering a glimpse of what the game will look like and what it has to offer. 

Following League of Legends: Wild Rift and Teamfight Tactics, Riot Games is continuing its expansion into the mobile gaming world. Valorant Mobile was announced during the game’s first-year anniversary celebration, promising a similar experience to the PC version that is a hit with everyone including celebrities. However, in the time since this announcement, news regarding Valorant Mobile has dried up, leaving players in suspense. 

Fortunately, players won’t have to wait much longer as Valorant Mobile has just entered its closed beta testing phase in China. Multiple gameplay videos have surfaced, and surprisingly, the game features a brand-new element that PC players haven’t seen before.

Is Valorant Mobile the same as Valorant?

Valorant Mobile will feature the same gameplay, maps, and characters as the original game, but with changes to better accommodate the mobile interface.

Regular Valorant leakers including KLaboratories and ValorantLeaksEN, have shared footage for Valorant Mobile, showcasing its gameplay, mobile interface, maps, agents, store, game modes, and more. 

valorant mobile screenshot

The shared leaks have not only provided players with a sneak peek at the game’s style and UI but also shed light on its gameplay mechanics. Valorant Mobile appears to closely mirror the elements of Valorant on PC, with two teams vying for supremacy using precise gunplay and special abilities. Footage also shows that agent abilities, weapons, and maps will be retained with an overhaul to better suit them to the mobile gaming experience.

Multiple agents have already been introduced in the game, and are now playable including Reyna, Phoenix, Breach, Brimstone, Raze, Sova, Chamber, and more. However, the latest additions to the current roster such as Gekko, Deadlock, and Harbor seem to be missing.

However, there remains some uncertainty regarding the length of rounds and whether matches will follow the traditional best-of-25-round format, as mobile games tend to favor short game length. The leaked videos have also showcased popular and well-loved skin bundles such as RGX, Elderflame, Glitchpop, Reaver, and more.

Valorant Mobile introduces new MVP screen that the PC version lacks

Valorant Mobile features a new MVP screen that includes an introduction video

As seen in the clip, players who earn the title of MVP are featured with a unique agent animation at the end of each match, followed by a display of their stats. This feature has been seen in other hero shooters, most notably Overwatch which has a special introduction for the “Play of the Game.”

This is a feature absent in Valorant PC, where the game simply displays the MVP’s name and agent in the middle of the screen. The video has circulated widely, with numerous players expressing their desire for this feature to also be introduced to Valorant’s PC version. There’s a strong possibility that this feature could be rolled out, as it offers a new area for cosmetic items.

Valorant Mobile release date

Valorant Mobile does not have an official release date, but is hosting a closed beta exclusively in China.

The Valorant Mobile beta in China runs from September 19, 2023 to September 28, 2023 and is not yet available to the public. Speculation has varied wildly regarding when the game might launch but judging from the footage from the beta, it’s in an advanced stage of development. The game may launch with a new title, similar to League of Legends with the “Wild Rift” branding.

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