The TI12 Battle Pass isn’t coming, here’s what you get instead

the international battle pass dead

The International 2023 will not receive a battle pass but Valve will soon release the TI12 Compendium that will serve as its permanent replacement.

The International Compendium is an in-game feature that lets players make predictions on the success of the various teams competing in The International. Players will ultimately reap in-game rewards based on the accuracy of their predictions after the tournament plays out. The compendium eventually expanded into The International Battle Pass, but Valve is set to cut back its support of Dota 2 esports in a significant way starting with TI12.

Dota 2 esports will look very different moving forward, with no plans for a TI12 Battle Pass and plans to do away with the Dota Pro Circuit next year. The average Dota 2 player will ultimately see some benefit with the TI12 Compendium, with Valve confirming that it will be released on the week of September 25 in the latest post on the official Dota 2 blog.

the international compendium

What is in the TI12 Compendium?

Dota 2 players can likely expect predictions, the fantasy mini-game, a bracket, and a new treasure in the TI12 Compendium. Valve hasn’t officially confirmed its content, but fans can look to The International 2021 for what they’ll likely get.

In the TI10 Compendium, the primary focus was on making predictions on the results of the tournament both in terms of the pro teams and the game itself. The International Compendium typically includes more TI-themed content beyond just the prediction brackets, however. In previous years, players could draft a “Fantasy Team” that would allow them to earn points using digital trading cards that could be earned in-game or bought with real money.

The prize was a new treasure containing golden reskins of previously released sets, with players able to earn more of those treasures based on their performance. The treasure will change and it’s possible that new features will be added, but Dota 2 fans can expect this general offering. Ultimately, it’s unclear what the TI12 Compendium will include until it drops.

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Why isn’t there a TI12 Battle Pass?

Valve confirmed there will be no TI12 Battle Pass, citing a desire to move away from bundled content and deliver a greater variety of content throughout the year.

The International Battle Pass was a yearly staple. Players who purchased the Battle Pass would have the opportunity to earn a wide variety of rewards including Arcana skins. Additionally, 25% of the revenue from Battle Pass sales would go directly to the prize pool for The International.

This year, Valve is doing away with this. The company claims it wants to de-emphasize the importance of bundled content so that it can deliver a wider variety of content throughout the year rather than just one big bundle. During its early years, Dota 2 saw events themed around specific heroes and holidays. The pitch to fans is that Valve can return to that approach to updates in Dota 2.

Valve says there will still be major TI-themed updates with new content. It also confirmed that while there will be no Battle Pass, the sale of items related to TI will still contribute to the prize pool. It remains unclear how this will impact The International and its prize pool, but odds are that this will be the least lucrative event for the winners in several years.

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