Leaked trailer reveals 2024’s Sonic game, entitled Sonic Toys

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A leaked gameplay trailer has laid bare all of the details for 2024’s Sonic the Hedgehog game; a mobile game based on Fall Guys dubbed Sonic Toys.

The Sonic franchise has a complicated history. Although it once stood as a genuine competitor to the Super Mario franchise in the 1990s, thanks to its “too cool for school” aesthetics and fast-paced gameplay, Sonic experienced plenty of duds once it entered the 3D era. Nowadays, Sonic fans are simply thankful when a game turns out good, such as when Sonic Mania launched in 2017.

That doesn’t mean the fanbase is smaller or any less dedicated than it was back in the day, though. Sega doesn’t miss a chance to expand the Sonic franchise’s reach or visibility, releasing games starring the Blue Blur across many different genres. A leaked trailer suggests it’s tapping into the “party royale” genre with its next outing.

What is Sonic Toys?

Sonic Toys is a mobile multiplayer game that pits 32 players against each other in a race on an obstacle course, similar to Fall Guys. The gameplay, heavily inspired by Fall Guys, lines up previous leaks from months prior.

Sonic Toys, which will reportedly launch in 2024, adds some Sonic franchise elements to the Fall Guys formula including recognizable enemies, levels, and characters. Fans had mixed reactions to the leaked trailer, though. While many admitted the game looked fun, it was also very derivative, and fans would have preferred something new from the franchise.

There are also worries that Sega will abandon the game quickly, especially with the hype around Fall Guys evaporating very quickly after its initial boom. For context, Fall Guys averaged over 120,000 players in the game on Steam in its debut month, with that metric consistently staying below 2,000 throughout the first quarter of 2024 per Steam Charts. Sega might be banking on the mobile market’s wider reach to avoid a similar fate. 

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In June 2022, Sonic collaborated with Fall Guys with unique skins for Sonic, Knuckles and Tails. The success of that collaboration may have convinced Sega to try and fill out the niche with its own title. Given the typical luck of Sonic fans, only time will tell if Sonic Toys is a diamond or a dud.

While many might be turned off by a mobile game of this nature, the good news for Sonic fans is that Sonic Toys isn’t the only game coming to the series in 2024. Fans can also look forward to Sonic x Shadow Origins, coming in the Fall.

All confirmed Sonic Toys characters

Most of the Sonic franchise’s iconic characters are set to be a part of Sonic Toys. Here’s the full list of characters that have been spotted in the game thus far:

  • Sonic
  • Knuckles
  • Tails
  • Eggman
  • Metal Sonic
  • Shadow
  • Amy
  • Rouge

Players will seemingly have the ability to customize their character’s appearance to some degree, as different characters are shown wearing accessories in the trailer. This includes a top hat for Sonic, a jetpack for Tails, and more.

Odds are that these will be the primary means of monetizing the game for Sega. Fans can likely also expect more Sonic characters, and possibly from other Sega franchises, to be added over time.

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