Sonic & Sega All-Stars reportedly returning, but don’t get excited

sonic and sega all-stars

Sega may be resurrecting the Sonic and Sega All-Stars franchise, but fans might not want to get too hyped about it.

Sega’s setting the stage for a renaissance as of late. The company announced the revival of several dormant franchises including Jet Set Radio and Virtua Fighter, and it continues supporting active franchises like Sonic the Hedgehog and Like a Dragon. Sega subsidiary Atlus is also in a boom period with Persona 5 Royal enjoying significant player counts and Persona 3 Reload proving to be a hit on launch. The goodwill from these games will likely contribute to the success of Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance and Metaphor: ReFantazio later in 2024.

With Sega on its way to former glory, it looks towards gaming’s biggest market; mobile games. While many will bristle at the idea, the publisher reportedly has a number of prominent mobile games in the works and the latest will bring back another of Sega’s throwback franchises.

Is Sega making a new Sonic and Sega All-Stars game?

Sega is developing a new Sonic and Sega All-Stars title, according to a regular source of news on Sega.

Midori, a notable Sega leaker who has broken stories on multiple Sega-published titles, claims a new crossover title will drop in 2024. The Sonic and Sega All-Stars series is a collection of cross-over games featuring iconic characters from the company’s vast roster of games. While Sonic the Hedgehog has been the most prominently featured, past games have included an assortment of characters from games ranging from Alex Kidd to Shenmue.

The last game released under the All-Stars banner was Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed in 2012. Since then, Sega hasn’t touched the franchise, although it continues doing crossover projects like the Project X Zone series. The next Sonic and Sega All-Stars game will reportedly be a tennis game release on mobile platforms.

It’s unknown if the gameplay will be similar to 2008’s Sega Superstars Tennis. Modern party tennis games such as Mario Tennis may give Sega some ideas for modernizing the long-dormant party franchise. The potential All-Stars title is only one of several mobile games Sega plans on releasing soon. 

Persona 5″ The Phantom X, new Shin Megami Tensei among upcoming Sega mobile games

Sega will release games from Shin Megami Tensei, Persona, and Sonic the Hedgehog franchises in 2024.

The upcoming Persona 5: The Phantom X, or P5X for short, will likely launch sometime in March 2024. The mobile game was officially exclusive to China, but there are reportedly English and Japanese-language versions in development.

Atlus is also reportedly working with Netflix on a new Shin Megami Tensei game exclusive to the site’s mobile games catalog. Finally, Sega looks to corner the casual market with its take on the Fall Guys formula, only this game stars Sonic the Hedgehog characters instead of marketably generic bean folk. Sega’s uptick in mobile game production could mean more future mobile spin-offs for the company’s iconic titles.

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