Why was Quin69 banned from Twitch again? What we know so far

quin69 banned

Popular Twitch streamer Quin69 has found himself banned from the streaming platform yet again, and his fans are already scrambling to understand why.

The ban came about on March 13, with Twitch reporting a violation of its “community guidelines or terms of service.” This is about as much specificity as Twitch is ever willing to provide when it comes to streamer bans, leaving viewers to try to ferret out the reasons behind bans for themselves.

In this case, while it wasn’t immediately obvious what had led to the ban, there were a few potential candidates.

Twitch bans Quin69 for the fifth time

This is Quin69’s fifth ban from Twitch. His previous bans have all been quite temporary, lasting for as little as a single day and as long as a week. There’s not yet any word from either Twitch or the streamer as to how long this latest ban will be.

As to the reason for it, it has already been floated among community members that it was a result of AI impersonations. Quin69 had recently taken to using AI tools to impersonate popular streamer Forsen, and Twitch has been turning an eye towards this type of deepfake content in the wake of its spread and its uses involving other popular streamers, notably QTCinderella.

There’s no assurance that this is the reason for Quin69 being banned, however. It might also be a result of his frequent reaction streams, during which he plays internet videos and rants about them to his viewers. Those meandering discussions sometimes touch upon controversial subject material, and it’s possible that Twitch had a problem with something said during one of his monologues.

Those reaction videos make up a relatively large portion of the streamer’s activities online, though he does also play games. He’s a known ARPG player with an emphasis on Path of Exile, and his exploits attempting to play popular MOBA League of Legends were also of note.

Depending on the reasoning for his latest ban, it may be a while before his fans get to enjoy any of his streams, whether they’re based around gaming, live video reactions, or anything else.

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