Why QTCinderella was banned during Streamer Awards drama

qtcinderella banned

QTCinderella was banned for the first time from streaming platform Twitch during an ongoing controversy regarding her Twitch channels and the Streamer Awards, but likely not for the reason you think.

News of the Twitch ban came shortly after QTCinderella, one of the service’s most prominent names, had gotten involved in social media drama involving her attempts at creating additional revenues for herself through an additional Twitch channel. But despite the coincidental timing, the ban seems to have been for another reason entirely.

QTCinderella receives Twitch ban for Omegle clip

QTCinderlla was given a ban on Twitch for showing a clip on her stream that featured Omegle, a now-defunct randomized chat app. The app paired users one-on-one anonymously and at random, leading to all sorts of odd interactions. According to QTCinderella and her partner Ludwig Ahgren, it was an Omegle clip featuring exposed genitalia that resulted in her ban.

Fans and haters alike across social media were surprised by the reasoning given, as most assumed the ban was a result of QTCinderella encouraging Twitch users to open up an additional channel of hers on an unused internet browser tab and mute the tab, not the stream. This would allow the channel to silently play live in the background with advertisements being activated, paying the streamer whether anyone was actually watching the ads or not.

This act is explicitly against Twitch’s terms of service. When called out on X for the behavior, QTCinderella feigned ignorance, claiming that it was all in service to a meme. But the streamer’s own channel told a different story, as she had given explicit instructions and reasoning for the request, boiling down to her not being able to afford the presumed 2024 Streamer Awards event without the additional revenue this practice could create for her.

The ensuing discussion was bruising for all involved, with numerous streamers coming to QTCinderella’s defense and exchanging insults with those who were accusing her of illicit behavior.

It all seems to have been for naught, however. It wasn’t that controversy that got QT banned, and the ban she did receive was lifted only a short time after it was handed down.

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