Was the Green Goblin just confirmed for Marvel’s Spider-Man 3?

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The Green Goblin might be the next big villain of Peter Parker’s saga in Marvel’s Spider-Man 3.

Spider-Man’s rogues gallery dwarfs that of most other major heroes not named Batman. From disgraced mad scientists to super-powered thugs, no Spider-Man story will lack memorable villains. Insomniac’s take on the iconic web-slinger’s story has inexplicably avoided one iconic bad guy in the Spider-Man mythos, but that may be changing soon.

Norman Osborn is an important character in both of Peter Parker’s stories. However, he never dons the mask or rides the glider that made him so famous. Instead, Osborn plays a conniving businessman and grieving father in equal measure. Even so, he is still a thorn in Peter Parker’s side, albeit through his corrupt company rather than as the masked Green Goblin. Recent leaks now suggest Osborn might be more hands-on in Spider-Man 3.

Will the Green Goblin be the villain in Spider-Man 3?

Allegedly leaked concept art implies the Green Goblin could be the main villain of Spider-Man 3. Fans have only touched the tip of the Insomniac leaks iceberg. Recently, fans allegedly found concept art of the Green Goblin for Spider-Man 3, a villain who still hasn’t appeared in the popular franchise.

The image depicts the Green Goblin in a sleek purple hood with a tactical combat aesthetic. Although it’s unknown if this Green Goblin is indeed Norman Osborn, the goblin facial features indicate that it’s more of a mutation rather than an impressive mask. The villain’s trademark glider does not appear anywhere in the art. Given how iconic it is, it’s unlikely Insomniac will leave it out of the final product.

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There’s also the possibility that the concept art is a hoax. In the age of AI-generated art, any fan can fake an evocative Green Goblin concept. Even so, Spider-Man 2’s ending supports the Green Goblin theory regardless of the concept art’s authenticity.

In Spider-Man 2’s ending, Norman Osborn meets with Otto Octavius in prison and strikes a deal with him to take down Spider-Man for good. Osborn also teases a formula called the “G-Serum,” likely Insomniac’s version of the Green Goblin “Oz” serum.  

Will Peter Parker be playable in Spider-Man 3?

Insomniac has not confirmed whether or not Peter Parker will be playable in Spider-Man 3. Although Peter hangs up the suit in the ending to Spider-man 2, it’s also far from the first time he’s retired as Spider-Man. Iconic story arcs in the comics and movies have retired Peter only for him to answer the call when new dangerous threats appear in New York City and elsewhere.

Although Miles Morales will almost certainly be showcased as an older and wiser Spider-Man hero by Spider-Man 3, it’s doubtful Insomniac will let him carry the franchise alone. Whether his allies will include Peter, or be new characters entirely to the series entirely, still remains to be seen. 

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